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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. thank you! sure! applied:june 19
    biometrics requirement:june 20
    Date of Biometrics Enrolment: June 21
    Today i received my correspondence letter and the letter of passport request
  2. Thank you! I'm going in Toronto ,at Ryerson University . I have been accepted in the 2 years option (because i already have a master of science degree) public health program.
  3. Congrats bro. I accepted to Carleton University for Bachelor of Computer Science and still waiting. I am a high school graduate and have a strong academic record and a strong travel history. But I didn't submit a SOP. Do you think I will have a chance?
  4. sorry, what is SOP?
  5. Statement of Purpose or Study Plan. Did you not submit one?
  6. no i did not!
  7. Are you sure? Can you please list all the documents you submitted? If you didn't submit a SOP and still get approved, then that is a huge relief for me because I didn't submit one either.
  8. yes. just a moment to see my doc
  9. Also, one more thing- were there any updates like medical pass or something in between OR after the bio metrics everything remained silent until now( the visa approval)?
  10. Yeah brother, dont worry. You have a a strong chance at the approval!
  11. so, i uploaded: the letter of my conditional offer of admission
    the letter that my conditions are cleared
    the letter that i have paid the 600$ of registration for the univ
    my family information
    all my personal information
    My bank statement
    2 certificates
    the ielts certificate
    my bachelor and master degree
    copy of my passport.
    and that's all as far as i remember
  12. i did not need a medical exam for my country (Albania), but no. didn't heard from them until today
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  13. Also, i think you don't have a reason to doubt of your approval
  14. Thanks bro. For me, I received an update saying "You passed the medical exam" on the 12th of July. I did my biometrics on the 3rd of July
  15. Thanks for taking your time to reply. May I ask what "the letter that my conditions are cleared" is and what you wrote in it?

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