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June applicants SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by rb8488, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Bro
    Many of cases got visa after 30 days
    4 week is official time period of SDS category as per website
    And this is 22nd day of my after biometric so we all meed to wait for 30 days at least
    Although it is necessary time period
  2. I have seen people without SOP being approved before. I know it is recommended, but do you get rejection just because you don't submit SOP? It was NOT listed in required documents checklist so it must be OPTIONAL.
  3. I am from INDIA and I don't have any idea about process in vietnam
    But 4 week is official time period for an Indian Student
  4. Bro I don't have any idea regarding any rejection case just because they didn't submitted SOP
    In my case my agent told me to do so
    I prepared it and submitted it
    So do as per your agent advise
    After all we all are students
  5. There s any hope for getting email from cic Monday or Tuesday ... is the Friday only ..???
  6. whats your status after bio metrics, how many days have it been?
  7. I have submitted online application on 25th June .. biometric on 27th June .. still under processing ...
  8. Soon a result should come i suppose like others have got who have given biometrics around 2 or 3 days earlier than you. Keep us updated!
  9. Yes ofcourse ..hope so mail for passport request ..
  10. Today s Monday ..is there any chance for receiving mail today ..??
  11. I am not sure brother, it might be possible. Lets see ! Even I am waiting
  12. All the best ..
  13. Hey!!I just got my visa! So i think you guys should be expecting it this week..Hope the very best for all of you!
  14. COngrats! Can you tell us your time line please?
  15. Congratulations bro! What program did you apply for? Which school? And did you already have a degree? Share it please.

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