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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

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    Lol we both seem to be at a difference of opinions. Mines more of an observation after going through multiple threads and coming across cases where people’s files haven’t moved past MEP even till the 6 months mark(eligibility-not started) and in almost all those cases I’ve noticed that they’ve requested for multiple sets of gcms witchin the first 5 months.
    Of course everyone is free to do as they choose but I’m sure there is some logic or internal policy which makes all the agents who repeat day after day — like broken records to all our queries, that we must wait till 6 months as we are within the “normal” processing timelines.
    I never claimed my observations are 100% right buddy but I have enough reason to blv I am. Also be a little more polite the next time. Last time I checked, people were free to discuss and make their own assertions about which posts to regard or disregard. If it’s one thing I know then it’s that neither you nor me can claim to know that either of the two of us know that internal workings of the VOs without an iota of doubt.
  2. I called them and was told my file is in Centralized Intake Office- Sydney (CIO) Nova Scotia.
  3. Just found this..guy ordered his 2nd set of notes on 30th Oct and got his PPR on 8th November.
  4. Mine too at Sydney, NS.
  5. Yes..a lot disappointed.. i thought this woman is so kind and soo intelligent.. wat a great combo.. woman leading the group.. woman empowerment.. everybody looking up to her for answers.. but.. i was wrong
  6. Yes i raised a CSE.
  7. ha ha ha ... Didn't know so much was riding on it. But we have great ladies here leading the group @CoolSandy @tobs and @Tayyabak
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  8. Ohhh.. good to know :)
  9. Lol I posted on this page yesterday as soon as someone I know called me told me about his conversation with some agent. I choose not to take a risk just in case there are some disgruntled employees sitting there. Partly why I’ve been advising waiting for the 5th month before calling for notes ever since I found this out.

    Lol Do whatever makes you happy man. Just trying to help here.
  10. Any pnp outland candidate here at ip2?
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  11. We are all here to help each other sail through this long journey. In my effort to help people, I am just trying to keep them away from any misconception. Good Luck with your application.
  12. At any rate, no one is ordering notes to speed up application. Everyone is ordering to find out if there is anything concerning so that it can be addressed ASAP. Waiting till 5th month defeats the purpose.
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  13. Haha looks like we both are trying to keep people away from misconceptions and harm.lol.
  14. So according to your logic we should be ordering gcms the 1st of every month. Lol. That ways we leave no room for any rejection.
  15. Haha anyways. I’ll take my leave from this thread here. Clearly I’ve offended a few people here. That was never the intention.
    For those interested, do go through the link I posted above to refer to the incident with the call center agent which gives me the conviction that the case analysts(some if not all) are putting files on the back burner if gcms notes are opted for early on in the process.

    Before leaving I would still advise people to order notes only once the 5th month starts as it rarely happens that they reject without asking for additional proof if you’ve entered the corresponding NOC and provided ample documentation.
    All the best guys. Hope everyone gets some good news soon.

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