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July 2018 AOR, Eligibility still review required, criminality in progress .... Similar issues?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by batman12345, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I applied under EE CEC and received my second gcms notes.
    It still says:
    Eligibility: Review Required
    Criminality: In progress
    Security: Not started
    Med: Passed

    My AOR is 17 JUL 2018. It's been pretty much a year now and I still have those above status on each criteria. The only time my application got updated is when 2 months ago I changed my marital status and home address so they asked me for marriage cert and scheduled A. I am not sponsoring her so I don't think that's what's delaying it. Anyone with similar experience? or any ideas?
  2. No clues in the notes?
  3. Just states PA did not list lots of job duties but the duties matches NOC. Appears met.
    Have you ordered GCMS notes?
  4. So did you list the job duties? How many out of the ones listed on the website?

    My application is looking good, they requested a new police check
  5. I listed about 5 of them, I didn't think it makes sense to list everything because I don't do all the ones listed in the website. In reality you get hired and your duties can change from time to time and can be open to many things.

    What's your timeline?
  6. I think you need to have listed the majority of them, maybe 75% or something. How many were there?

    AOR July 29th 2018, request for schedule a a week ago followed by police cert.
  7. looks like 9 on the website, I listed roughly 4 to 5
  8. And your pay wasnt low?
  9. It was but I was compensated by stock options
  10. I don't think pay has to do anything with it as CIC does not ask for a certain amount of salary
  11. No but, and this is the concern I had with my own application, if it's really low then it wil raise doubts in their minds as to whether or not you were actually doing the position you are saying. What was the job?
  12. I was working at a startup company as a mechanical engineer.
  13. Is your eligibility under review or passed?
  14. Under review I presume until I give them my police check in another week. I'm hoping they would of passed my work experience before asking me to pay for a new police certificate, I'll be pretty annoyed otherwise

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