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July 2018 AOR, Eligibility still review required, criminality in progress .... Similar issues?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by batman12345, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Currently in bed in Vancouver
  2. What happened with ur PR

  3. Hi there...

    What is the latest on your PR application
  4. I got it, thats why I'm in Vancouver
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  5. Glad to hear... hoping you can share your experience more...

    I am jan 2019 aor.... got m gcms last month and it says review required for my work experience.... i see u were at review required stage as well... did u guve thm Anything ?

    Cic is saying cec review required and are holding back my 40 points for work experience!! :(

    My work experience-
    2017 june to 2017 dec as client technical analyst
    2018 jan to 2018 july 6 as production application support
    2018 july 9 to present senior production application support

    All this is with cibc

    I gave them paystubs, employment verification letter, offer letters... i dont know what else to give

    Also, when did u get ur ppr request
  6. Hey man, I didn't give them anything, there was nothing I could do really, I basically gave up. It looked like it was because I was getting paid less than I should, so there was no way I could change that. I left it for about 6 months before they finally got in touch and asked for a new schedule a form. I submitted that straight away, then I got a request a couple of weeks after for a new UK police check and then a few weeks after that my ppr. It took 13 months all together.

    Is there any reason at all they put you under rr? Did you request notes?
  7. I requested my notes... it just says "2018 jan to 2018 july 6 as production application support (NOC 2282) review required" :(
  8. Is there any reason whatsoever you can think of that they have flagged it? If not I'd just relax
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