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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. How to check biometric passed?
  2. Has anyone have any experience with updating your passport while in the process of applying for the visa?
    Mine is expiring during the next year and I wanted to renew before I go over to canada.
    I still have not gotten my passport request from CIC
  3. My husband's passport was expiring during the process, so once he renewed it I simply sent a webform attaching a copy of the pages they initially asked for in our application. I advised them it was a new passport since the last one expired and they sent a response in 5 days saying thank for the update.

    We're still waiting as well, our file was recently transferred to Mexico VO.
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  4. Okay so finally got file transfer letter today but I’m really confused they sent our file to Mexico visa office, which is not my spouses country . It’s supposed to go to Brazil visa office in São Paulo.

    Has this happened to anyone else ? Had the file transferred to a different country? Is it normal ? I’m planing to call in the morning and ask but just wanted to check in and see or do you think Mexico will forward it to Brazil ?
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  5. Just got my GCMS notes (a smidge over one month, ordered on Sept 16th), and I have some questions. They don't reveal much, so guess I should have waiting a little longer. They were dated Oct.17th and do include the transfer of our file to Mexico but Criminality is in progress and Security/Eligibility have not been started.

    The main question is ... does a non-accompanying dependent have to give biometrics? The notes are confusing and I will send a webform if necessary, but I thought someone might know. Thanks for your comments.
  6. I don't think a child non accompanying has to do biometric , pretty sure I researched this before but I don’t remember where I read it . But they do need to do medical
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  7. Okay, thank you so much!
  8. Medical yes
    Biometrics no
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  9. Oh my God its so borring for waiting the final decision.
    I am january 22 aplicant I did biomatric medical before 4months july 4 medcal done and pass still nothing new,
  10. Not just boring, it is also frustrating to wait with no news at all....
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  11. Hey everyone, just checking back in with my own update.

    Finally received signs of life from IRCC this month, similar thing to what's happened to others here. To recap: hadn't heard anything since uploading the Biometrics fee receipt at the end of March/beginning of April, but finally (after 7 months no less) they asked for my Biometrics on the 16th October and I went to the VAC in London on the 21st to do so. GC Key updated practically on the same day with the Biometrics reference number.

    Here's hoping that we're all still on track for the 12 month mark (or sooner). Just waiting for AOR2 and PPR now. Good luck peeps!
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  12. Hi guys! After silence from March, we received bio and pre-arrival Oct 15th and Decision Made yesterday the 22nd! We are Jan7th applicants. Complete timeline is in my signature! I hope this ends very soon for us all! <3
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  13. Thanks for your responses. I didn't think so either but the notes were confusing showing that she did in one place and didn't appear to in another. When I paid the fees the system only showed $85 owing for my husband, so .... Thanks again!
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  14. Hi, if we received passport request should i book a flight
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  15. I just checked ECAS and there is a new line that says, "We started processing XXXXXXX's application on October 23, 2019". Since I haven't heard anything from Mexico that they received our file or are working on it, only an email from Sydney that they sent it to Mexico, I guess this is AOR2! YAAAAYY!! :D Good news is coming for everyone, I hope.
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