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<Jan 2018 applicants> after PPR.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Hi, any same situation like me.
    Ppr delivered july 18
    Approved on cic account aug 2
    Call ircc today told me my passport mailed yesterday but the return tracker is not yet activated.
    I call canada post they try to locate the tracking number but still cannot ve found.

    Is this normal or what can i do?

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  2. July 16th - Passport delivered to Ottawa
    August 2nd - Approved
    August 6th (7PM) - In Transit
    August 8th - CoPR and Boarder Landing

    Finally this long process is kinda finished. I went to Winnipeg Emerson Boarder this morning. The officer wasn't that nice, he was clearly not happy about people coming thru boarder to do landing, because the Winnipeg Downtown Office can do this too...... Oh well.

    I guess I will patiently wait 2 weeks for the PR card now.
    Good luck to the rest of us.
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  3. Yes. I was in the same situation. If CIC sends your passport close to the night, Canadapost will actually pick it up next day or even the day after. Also it takes about 2 to 3 hours to update your tracking number online for Canadapost.
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  4. August 8th Copr and Border landing finally!!
    I was also at the Emerson border yesterday, the officer was indeed not very nice and welcoming. He advised to let everyone I know that this can be done through downtown office 269 main street WPG on Thursday walkins. However I feel this should be clearly communicated on social media as well,
    but anyway 2 years of wait finally paid off! Thank you everyone and good luck!
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  5. Is there anyone else whose passport arrived on July 17 and still hasn't got the return envelope activated? It's driving me crazy :(
  6. Passport Sent: July 16
    Passport Return: August 9
    Goodluck everyone! i will make an appointment on monday for my landing interview at Harry Hays here in Calgary.
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  7. Hiii
    For landing interview we have to contact cic or visa office directly ??
  8. Yeah I will
  9. Anyone who’s application got approved last Wednesday has got their tracker activated
  10. My application on my online profile got approved on Wednesday Aug, 7 and tracker not yet activated.
    With sincere hope that our trackers get activated soon.
    Thank you.
  11. Approved Aug 7 and no tracker so far
  12. Anyone received PR card yet? I linked my account and nothing shows on CIC.

    I heard people wait for 3 weeks to get the first PR card.
  13. Last Saturday I got a GU and now I got an update today saying the PR card got mailed. From the info on GCKey that GU happened on the day the card got issued.
    Hopefully by this week it gets delivered, but since it’s regular mail without tracking maybe it will be next week.
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  14. Ppr request 22 July
    Passport sent 23 july
    Approve Aug. 5
    Tracker activated Aug. 9
    Recieve passport aug. 12
    Land Aug. 13
  15. Passport delivered 26th July
    return tracker activated 13th August(today).

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