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<Jan 2018 applicants> after PPR.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Hi, Everyone!
    I am happy to make this thread for Dec 2017 / Jan, Feb 2018 applicants.

    July 11 - 2019 PPR
    July 11 - 2019 sent passport copy to Ottawa ON.

    Let’s walk together to get a plastic PR card.
    Please share your time line after PPR.
    Thank you :)
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  2. PPR - Jul 10
    Sent passport on same day.

    Delivered to Ottawa (S Schuiteboer) - Jul 11
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  3. July 11 2019 Sent to Ottowa
  4. Passport sent to ottawa july 11
  5. Good morning Everyone :)

    July 11 - 2019 PPR
    & sent passport copy to Ottawa ON.
    July 12 - Delivered
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  6. July 11 2019 Sent to Ottawa
    July 12 2019 Arrived Ottawa
  7. It seems like it at least takes 2 weeks to print the visa and COPR and another week to send them back. We should be expecting them around early/mid Aug.
  8. PPR july 10
    Passport sent july 11..expected delivery date july 15

    How long it takes bow a days to get passport back.
    And at this time file will go back to officer for review or they just stamp the visa??
  9. When did you get your medical test?
  10. Got PPR this morning.
    My country is exempt, no need to send my passport
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  11. It will take almost a month.
    these days It is very slow season.
  12. hi there! i got ppr this morning!
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  13. Welcome to the next step :)
    Big Big Huge Congratulations!
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  14. PPR - July 15, 2019
    Passport delivered to Ottawa - July 16, 2019

    Can we track their process online? Or we can only wait for the passport to come back?
    My CIC's status haven't changed since I got PPR yesterday.
  15. PPR July 15, 2019
    Passport Sent July 16, 2019

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