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Issue with WES - Need help : University of Madras

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Sahas84, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. @aiswaryap , Do you have the email address / contact details for 'University Verification Section' , ' Controller of Examination'
    I mailed the USAB director and he replied back stating that he still hasn't received it and wanted me to check with 'University Verification Section' / 'Controller of Examination'. This is the process he explained., WES -> University Verification Section -> Controller of Examination -> USAB -> WES
  2. Hi Aishwarya,

    Can you please let me know how long this activity took? I mean after the WES put your application on Hold. Can you please email me @ shaanoh1@gmail.com. I'd like to discuss about the whole process. May be that would help to expedite mine in case my application moves to HOLD.

    Thanks in Advance for your help.

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  3. yea. Same. No reply from these 2 mail IDs. Only the USAB director replied. I have asked my friend to visit the Univ to check with the other two offices ( COE , UVS ). Hoping to track my package. Meanwhile, since you said your WES agent visits the Univ every week, is there any person of contact you know in these two offices - ( Controller of examination , University Verification Section )
  4. @Shaanoh , I believe it differs for every case.
    My case is.,
    Sep 20 --> Package delivered to WES ;
    Oct 11 --> BE Degree Accepted
    Oct 11 --> MBA evaluation put on hold, for secondary verification.

    Since your evaluation is still in progress, hope that it gets accepted without sec verification. Not all cases go for sec verification. So don't start worrying in advance :)

  5. Thanks for the consolation words bro. I intend to be prepared for all scenarios, just in case if something goes bad. ;)

    And regarding your Other Post about the tracking of Package, I still believe WES accepts one form of verification be its electronic or through courier. Courier might take a long gap. I'd suggest to engage just like aishwarya and get the electronic verification completed i.e, through email.

    Are you guys looking for Canada migration through EEP? Do you happen to complete the IELTS exam by any chance? I have my exam scheduled this Saturday. May we can be contact and have a group or community to help each other. ;)

  6. yea. Even I wasn't aware that Madras Univ replies online, until I saw her post. All the best for your IELTS.
  7. Hi All,

    I got similar email from WES for Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

    Degree evaluation - MBA
    Submitted application on 9/29/19

    My application status is still on hold, does anyone have same issue with Andhra University? Or is it happening for MBA?

    Email for reference:
    Thank you for submitting your credentials for evaluation to World Education Services (WES). We are committed to preparing evaluations based on documents that are accurate and valid.

    Due to the increased incidence of fraud, WES conducts a secondary verification of documents. This is to advise you that WES has sent photocopies of your documents for verification both electronically and by standard postal mail to Andhra University. Your WES file is on hold until we receive a written response from this institution.

    Response times vary and can take just a few days or can extend to weeks. If we do not receive a response from them within seven weeks, we will automatically send another request. There is nothing that you need to do. This communication is strictly between WES and the institution.

    For more information regarding the verification process, please review this article: https://www.wes.org/advisor-blog/verification-status/

    We appreciate your patience in allowing your former institution sufficient time to respond to our request.


    Director of Evaluations
  8. Hi friends,
    In my case as part of wes verification they have send documents to university of madras on 26th September 2018,7 weeks passed no change for my wes status,but my wes agent used to visit madras university every section in each week,because their staff also not aware of which email id is used by wes to sending these documents.I also send emails to their different available email ids,by specifying my situation.i think may be my wes agent directly contacted controller of examination ,or additional of controller of examinations office or USAB office. My graduation was in distance education mode.so i don 't know actually which of their section is responsible for this verification.After 7 weeks wes send again these documents.whatever it is on 7/11/18 i got an email from USAB director regarding that they completed my wes secondary verification recently.But my wes status is still on hold.i hope it will change soon.actually my wes status is on hold from 26th sep ,as part of secondary verification.

    My wes procedure is following like these:
    31/05/2018 : wes account created
    05/06/2018 : wes application submitted /completed payment
    (started to collecting transcripts from my universities)
    31/07/2018 :My graduation documents received there(madras university)
    08/08/2018:after reviewing them they accepted it and waiting for receiving my master degree documents(CUSAT)status on hold
    12/08/2018 :They received my PG documents from CUSAT,started review.(accepted)status in progress
    25/09/2018: They send photocopy of my PG certificates to CUSAT for secondary verification(via email and postal service)status on hold
    26/09/2018:They send photocopy of my graduation certificates to madras university for secondary verification(via email and postal service)status on hold
    02/10/2018:Cusat secondary evaluation completed and documents accepted and waiting to receiving madras university response(status on hold)
    07/11/2018: i got email from madras university about hey completed verification.(But wes status is still on hold)

    I think we need lots of patients and continuous effort for getting wes results.if our all procedure get done smoothly from our university side and from our side wes results will get soon. otherwise we have to take lots of efforts,if we are do nothing in the case of universities like madras ,and waiting to getting wes results ,we have to wait a lot.contact your university as soon as possible,if their staffs are weak in these cases.i noticed somebody commented that madras university charging some amounts for this verifications.in my case its not happened.from these things we clearly understand that they have no particular rule or system for managing this procedure,they treating different candidates in different ways.if our university system is straight forward in all cases we don't have to fear or impatience.But in madras university its not like that,i have lots of experiences with them,my graduation final year mark list,provisional certificate,degree certificate they hold there without any genuine reason.i lost one year from my career ,several times me and my family members visited there ,from kerala for enquiring about my certificates.After a long struggle i got them.I just shared my experience.
  9. hi,if your secondary verification started on 09/29/18 then contact your university directly or sending emails by explaining your case.After 7 weeks from wes they will automatically send another verification mail to your university.if your university replied to it then its ok,but i think its better to contact them,take your effort also.send a mail to wes by stating this.
  10. Actually currently i am in UAE,so i advised to my wes agent to visit controller of examination directly and make an enquiry about my wes email in every section which are related to wes verification like USAB office,IDE etc.because my wes agent also dont know who is responsible for this verification.she said every week she visiting in university each section.
  11. There is nothing we could do. University will receive the wes docs and then they will contact wes. Then wes will send u mail to contact the University and make payment for 1000rs. And only at this point you may contact University

  12. As predicted, My MBA Certificates goes on Hold with University of Madras just a few minutes ago :). My Bachelor degree S.V University is accepted. My bad. Now, I need to sit tight for the laziest guys in UNOM to respond.

  13. Dear All,

    Thanks to this forum and members posted on this thread, I was prepared when the status goes on Hold for Secondary Verification with University of Madras. My Status was put on hold on Nov 15th. I emailed USAB director same day. However, I got reply on Nov 16th stating they haven't received the email from WES and requested me to visit the offices personally.

    Today I visited the distance education ACOE in 3rd Floor of University Main Building. Room No:365 I think. Showed them my email copy of WES. They acknowledged the email and confirmed me that they received and they have already sent to USAB office for verification.

    Then, I visited the USAB office and told the same to the person from whom we collect the sealed transcripts. One person from COE room came and asked me to give the details of my WES Ref No and name. Later, he went in and checked and then confirmed about the receipt of email and responded back to WES. Now, I am expecting my WES status to change to In Progress in Few days.

    I will try to provide a detail write up once my secondary verification is completed in few days. I noticed few people are waiting for nearly 2 months to get this completed. It might help few in the future.

  14. Oh man . It definitely does.
    Can you please tell what all docs I need to take when I go there. (In fact am flying there for this )
    USAB office --> Where is this ?
    COE room --> where is this ?

    Any particular person , I need to reach out ?

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