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Investor immigration to Quebec (applied 2016) waiting for interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by ash1969, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. If it’s a bureau or any migration company they will never give u password specially if they r based in Canada or USA.

    It’s ok now they will be careful in yr case.
    And from time to time u can also check by yrself on IRCC website.
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  2. I think you are set. Make sure every couple of weeks she sends you a screenshot. There’s a wait now for about a year and then the action starts again. I think 2020 is your year. I just hope I get my medical soon. I think the background check has been going on for a while. They said my file is pending review..whatever that means..
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  3. I just got my 2nd medical request. Quebec investor July 2014. Hopefully it’s the last medical.
  4. Dear BCBC you apply in 2014 to Quebec or federal ? If you apply in July 2014 for Quebec investor program please share you processing time with us ,,, what time you receive CSQ and what time you apply for federal and what time you get AOR and what time you get first MR and what time you receive second MR ?

    Kindly share you expreance with us
  5. Hi, no I applied for federal in July 2014. My CSQ was in 2013.
    I got medical request October 2016 and then again December 2018.
  6. Dear friend BCBC your journey is so long ,,, I’m sure it’s finial MR ,,, after this you get the Visa

    With best luck for you .
  7. @ash1969 Its very happy to hear u got AOR! Next steps with various feeling and pending around 18-24 or up to 44 months, and its less anxious if u can check yr status yourself! Dont know y yr agent not give yr detail account, so... they can check... u can check!!
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  8. Yes we got a call n medical..but my husband n two kids got cleared in medicine cal i got further investigation due to high bp.. i was refer to cardiologist n done some tests.. all went clear .. now again after a week got another call for further more test.. done understand whats the matter all tests r clear.. why so many tests .. anyone gone what iam going through?
  10. I wish you all the best . May you succeed in your goal at earliest. No body can tell with surety what further investigation they want to perform . It’s a pity but that’s how it is . Keep me informed how it went
    Also if possible kindly share your complete timeline upto now
    God bless
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  11. Thank you so much . I pray speedy process for all.
  12. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement . It’s a pity they take so long on whatever processes they follow. It appears never ending . But Alas that’s how it is . We have learnt to be patient .
    But now and then it becomes unbearable. After all we are humans and we have emotions !
    I wish you speedy processing. God be with us
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  13. Yes it’s an immigration agency based in canada helping me in this process .
    A new wait has started now . Keeping spirits high . God be with us
  14. I wish you luck . You have spent too much time waiting . I pray your case is decided favorably now and you reach the desired destination soonest
  15. Sorry for missing out on the action for a week or so
    Update: Processing times post CSQ seems to have got struck at 46 months .

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