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Investor immigration to Quebec (applied 2016) waiting for interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by ash1969, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Hi All,
    I have started this thread for the benefit of all concerned worldwide who have applied under the Quebec Investor immigrant programme (QIIP) in year 2016 and are waiting for the interview call.
    Feel free to join here and share your experience, your ideas,experience,information ,timelines etc etc

    Iam sure together we can be each others strength and by sharing knowledge we can be beneficial to one another.

    Thanks in advance.
    God bless us all!
  2. Hi ,
    I am planning to apply for business migration from Dubai.
    I've own company for 12 yrs .
    I never applied before .
    Just wanted to know if it's worth applying for business migration in provinces.
    Kindly guide me

  3. Hi JSJ
    I would suggest you go through the information available on cic.gc.ca . Further you can take help or appoint an immigration lawyer etc for your help. There are various options available in PNP and Quebec investor category . You can choose according to your suitably and requirements.
    TC and god bless
  4. Hi Guys ,
    We can share timeframes here . My application was submitted with MIDI in November 2016. Waiting for the interview call . Any one of you who has any information, has been called for interview etc , kindly share your experiences, also pls mention your timeframe for better understanding.
    God bless
  5. Hi anyone who applied under QIIP In 2016, got interview call ? Pls share
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  6. Today updated processing times at federal processing for QIIP is 42 months . A week ago it was 41 months
    Instead of decreasing the wait period has increased by 1 month
  7. Hi,
    Called my agent up and asked her about the latest news/info from MIDI, for interview calls scheduled in 2017 , for applications filed under QIIP last year in 2016
    Unfortunately there is no update with her.

    Anyone here who has any updated information ,or has received any request for updation of documents etc or has received interview call etc.......... kindly post here for benefit of all .
    pls mention your timeframe also

    thanks & god bless
  8. Updated federal processing time as on 10/07/2017 post CSQ stands at 42 months
  9. Prayers hope dreams and happiness
  10. Hi,
    Spoke to my agent yesterday. She told me Quebec Govt will start calling for interviews soon.
    As my case is 8 months old, she said i can expect my interview call/updation of docs etc between 9 to 12 months generally but ,can be possible,any time soon .
    Hoping and praying ...fingers crossed.

    Anyone here who has received interview call ? or surpassed 9-12 months period (since submission of application for CSQ) and still waiting for interview call ??

    God Bless!!
  11. Updated federal processing time as on 17/07/2017 post CSQ stands at 42 months.
  12. Updated Federal processing time as on 24/07/2017 post CSQ stands at 42
    Federal processing WAS supposed to get faster Jan 2016 onwards . Why it remains so long despite of positive changes brought about by MIDI, to improve upon it ? Anyone has any clues ??
  13. I sincerely hope more people join in and post their personal experiences here . sharing of ideas , knowledge , timelines etc , will benefit us all. Feel free and post
  14. Hi ,is it possible to move to quebec with family on a business visa after obtaining CSQ under QIIP ?
    Someone told me after obtaining csq , I can apply for business visa and open business in quebec and can shift with family over there
    Comments from experts welcome

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