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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by itauditor2014, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. When did they receive your completed documents at ICAS Office?
  2. I was told they received them February 15...
  3. Woahh!
    But, I got an email from them today stating that they're working on files recieved on, and before 6th March '19

    Did you try contacting them?
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    To be fair, after lots of harassment on my part, they apparently did start working on my file last Friday (I said above that I am still waiting because I still haven't received my ECA). I suspect there was further delay in my case because my education history is quite complex and non-standard (4 institutions, 2 countries, original docs in 3 languages...) and they didn't like the look of some of my transcripts (long story...).
  5. Oh. I hope you get positive results.
    All the very best.
    Do share your timeline. I wanna know how long they are taking now
    From "Assessment in progress"
    Till "Soft copy sent in email"
  6. Thanks :) and good luck to you too!

    I will! It seems to take around 1-2 weeks from what I have seen for previous people in this thread, so I'm hoping to get it in time for the (expected) ITA round on Nov 27, but we will see...
  7. i believe icas does take about a month for evaluation
  8. By reading all comments here, it looks like they roughly take about 40 weeks Vs 20 that they mention on the site. Their service is surely poor but we have no choice. I had sent my docs in March and it still shows, "placed in queue for assessment"
  9. The reason why I sent my credentials to ICAS because my advisor said that there is a high chance that I will receive two certificate points or else I would have never opted for this.

    Below is my timeline.
    07-03-2019 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    06-21-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    05-31-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    05-31-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    05-29-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-26-2019 Application Received
  10. :) Just got the electronic copy of my report! (strangely my online status on the ICAS website doesn't reflect this (yet), and I didn't got the "Ready for editing" status update either, that most people seem to get before the report itself; just had the good surprise to find the report right in my mailbox). So it took slightly over a week since the "Assessment in Progress" notice, and 40.5 weeks since they received my official docs.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting here!! ...and see you all in Canada ;)

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  11. Finally my wait is over.
    Took more than 8 months to get the report. My completed documents were reached on 14th March '19 as per ICAS.

    Following is my timeline
    Date Event
    11-25-2019 Electronic Copy of Assessment Report Sent by Email
    11-22-2019 Assessment Report ready for editing
    11-20-2019 Assessment in Progress
    05-28-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    04-18-2019 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    04-18-2019 Communication Sent
    04-01-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-20-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-19-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    02-19-2019 Application Received
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  12. Good good. Hope the result is positive :)
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    Hi @luzan,

    How did you harass them; through emails or calls?

    In my case, my online file status is stuck in 'In Progess' stage since Oct 24, 2019. My complete documentation were received by ICAS on Feb 8th 2019.

    Every time I call them, they say ICAS is unable to give a specific deadline due to uniquness of each assessment. However, through emails, I keep contacting this individual called H. Oswald (a senior credential specialist); but this gentleman always keep saying that my file is currently being prepared and be entering into editorial stage any time soon (since Oct 25th onwards) and I should be seeing new changes to my online file status shortly.

    But it has been over a month and my status is still the same.

    Below is my timeline:

    10-24-2019 Assessment in Progress
    03-14-2019 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    02-20-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    02-04-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    01-24-2019 Application Received
  14. My dates are similar, I understand there are different scenarios for different cases, but do I have a hope for positive result after this update eventhough it'd take some time?

    11-20-2019 Assessment in Progress
    04-23-2019 Communication Sent
    04-23-2019 Communication Sent
    04-23-2019 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    03-28-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-25-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-18-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    02-08-2019 Application Received
  15. Thank you! Happy to see that you got yours too! :)

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