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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by itauditor2014, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Dear All,

    I have created this master thread to share the application timelines for ICAS Assessment of Secondary and Post Secondary Educational Documents. I have looked around in this forum but haven't found anything related to timelines.


    Kind Regards,
  2. I have sent my educational documents to ICAS for ECA and my timeline is as follows:

    Application Sent: 29th August 2014
    Application Received by ICAS: NA
    Status Updated on ICAS Website: NA
    Status on ICAS Website: NA
    Expected Date of ECA to be completed: NA

    I request all of you to please share your timelines in the format prescribed above!

    Thanks alot
  3. Please share your ICAS timelines

    Thanks Alot
  4. Pls share me your contact no ...
  5. Why do u want my contact number?
  6. alright ! Wanted to discuss ICas vs CES
  7. Bro! Trust me i have been in the same dilemma and i could not choose between either.

    All i did was read two rakat " Salat e Hajaat" and then leave it to Allah...

    Although i was determined to go with CES but then i got inclined towards ICAS and finally sent my docs to ICAS

    CES Vs ICAS:

    CES has a lot of manual work ( for e.g. the credit card form has to be filled out instead of online)
    CES has no online profile ( you have to fill out the application)
    CES requires that the university send the sealed envelopes to them directy ( which is a hassle)

    With ICAS:

    You create an online profile, Pay you fees through CC , get an ICAS file number is email.
    Make photocopy of your degree and transcript.
    Enclose the sealed envelope from HEC ( if you have one)
    Enclose the document form sent in email by ICAS

    FInally mail your application.

    I found ICAS easier.

    Lets see when i get my ECA...Fingers crossed and time running out.

    Pray for me :)

  8. I am also in the same dilemma. I am planning to go with ICAS as well because of the same reasons that you wrote above. BTW Could you please answer some of my questions?

    1) did you send two two separate documents to ICAS, one with the sealed HEC documents and other with your own application package or was it just one envelope with both (sealed one and your own applictaion) the documents.

    2) I thought HEC will provide with their envelope. Don't they have any official one or will I have to take one with me for this purpose?

    3) If yes then which kind of envelope would be better and acceptable basically?

    I hope to courier the package tomorrow, provided this dharna allows. :( God help our country.
  10. Thanks for the reply. It is pretty useful. Did you send it through TCS or some other service?

    Do they give any special discount as they do for university documents or is it regular?
    Was just wondering basically. :)

    Besides, please see the statement written on ICAS. It says that fill in the complete chart but send the documents that you want to be assessed.
    List all the schools/institutions you attended from primary/elementary school to the school/institution in which you are currently enrolled or which you last attended. Use the terminology that appears on the document(s) you received. Do not translate the names of your documents into Canadian terminology. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE CHART, but submit only the documents you wish to have assessed.

    I understand that I will have to list my education from Primary onwards but this chart is a bit different because it asked for,

    1) Primary education (which is until 7 class I think)

    2) Secondary education (which is matric)

    3) Post secondary (which is FSc)

    4) This means that others will include the Bachelors and Masters details????

    Does that means that secondary education is matric or FSC??? I am so utterly confused what to write here???
  11. My timeline:

    06/24/2014 Report Sent by Courier
    06/18/2014 Assessment Report ready for editing
    06/12/2014 Assessment in Progress
    05/20/2014 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    05/12/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    05/02/2014 Application Received
  12. My Friend Timeline After July 01 (In Process)

    08/19/2014 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    07/29/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    07/22/2014 Application Received
  13. Date Event
    07/28/2014 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    07/10/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    07/10/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    07/08/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    06/11/2014 Application Received

    This is my timeline and yet havent got any info from this old and stubborn insitute **sigh*** :mad:
  14. Hello
    This is my timeline...

    07/17/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    07/08/2014 Application reviewed for completeness and placed in queue for assessment
    07/08/2014 Additional information required. Communication sent by email
    06/20/2014 Additional Info / Documents Received
    06/15/2014 Application Received

  15. I have send my docs to ICAS for Evaluation in July but still not done.

    Status updated ... its in queue.



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