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how to check LMIA letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by warismahmood, May 23, 2018.

  1. In that case it's 100% a scam. Real employers never pay for any of this.
  2. I'm sorry, but it's fake then. No employer pays for food and accommodation
  3. helo sory but i have a question ... my employer got LMIA request with file NO. before 15 days ago bit till now he didnt get the LMIA approval, so how long it takes ? the job was mentioned as long haul truck driver
  4. is there a tricia restaurant in quebec? just asking. tqvm
  5. well a Google serach shows no such restaurant using that spelling any where in Canada
  6. What is the problem sir my application
  7. ?
  8. Hello sir how are you why sir my application is not accepting why
  9. Yes
  11. Just read the attached link about Coril recruitment fraud. Youa re likely a victim of a scam / fraud.


    Quote :

    Reports of Recruitment Fraud
    Please be advised that Coril Holdings Ltd has become aware of fraudulent employment offers being made by persons or organizations claiming to be employees or representatives of Coril. The fraud alleges that Coril is seeking to hire individuals and relocate them to Canada, and in many cases asks for personal information including a passport or application for a working visa.

    If you have received any offer that purports to be from Coril or any of our affiliates that offers relocation or requests money, please be aware that these types of offers are FRAUDULENT and are NOT sent by Coril or anyone affiliated with Coril. If you have been a victim of this scam we advise you to contact your local law enforcement agency to report the fraud.
  12. I have LMIA letter on 16-sep-2019 entitled as follows.


    I went to VFS office and they told me the above bolded number is your LMIA

    APPLICATION: 2019-AB-007594
    ER ID: 507743

    EMPLOYER ID# 507743
    EMPLOYER BUSINESS NAME:parsons Construction Group
    Business Address: 9923 Judy Padua Way North West , Edmonton, AB
    T6G 2L7,Canada

    NOC Code and Title: 6519-Finance Manager
    Level of Education Bachelors

    Monthly Net wage: 12500 CAD
    Benefits: 4 Weeks Paid Holidays
    Hours of work : 40 hours per week
    Expected start Month December 2019
    Locations of Employment: Edmonton, Alberta

    Additionally , I have been called by The number: 0018006226232

    Please I need a reply urgently.
  13. Scam.
  14. Fake
  15. This is even if the number which called is the one mentioned above

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