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how to check LMIA letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by warismahmood, May 23, 2018.

  1. hi there,

    hope all well here. i received LMIA from consultant who offer me job on behalf of company name coril holding ltd. i received LMIA from consultant. now how can i check it. is it fraud or genuine? kindly guide me regarding issue.

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  2. Insufficient information provided. What is the job that is being offered and how did you get the offer? Can you post up the job offer letter here for us to see? Can you post up the LMIA?

    My instinct is that it's probably fake. With the extra information we may be able to come to a clearer picture of the job.
  3. yes sure let me upload letter. i am sure it will be fake one. check it for me. thanks
    there no option to upload file. i will write here

    system file no 9774918
    employer id 2760431
    company name coril holdings ltd
    noc code 6641
    job as assistant administrator
    2 years contract
    30 dollar to 50 dollar per hour
    centre > foreign worker branch
    officer ? logan ethan
    and many more details on letter.
  4. The LMIA number is sufficient to identify this as a known fake LMIA. Hope you have not spent any money getting this.
  5. LMIA 9774918


    EMPLOYER ID 2760431
  6. Hi I received LMIA letter.. Can u plz tell me it's original r fake?
    System file number: 7988807
    Employer I'd : 72892
    Employer name : Akhavan supermarket NDG
    Position : cashier
  7. I doubt very much you are going to get an LMIA approved for a cashier in a supermarket.
  8. I got letter from LMIA and work permit letter from Canadian embassy.. So u said its fake?
  9. Almost certainly given nobody is likely to get an LMIA approved for a cashier job in a supermarket in Montreal or anywhere in Canada .The moment that job is advertised in Canada there would probably be plenty of candidates already resident to take the job so why employ from outside Canada.
  10. Yes you r right.. Now I come to know it's fake.. Is there any chance to contact Canada immigration or LMIA through mail? If it's possible means pls give me a email ID..

  11. Why do you want to contact CIC? They cannot do anything about the fact it is fake unfortunately. LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. It's a thing not a department.
  12. Yes I understand.. I got letter from LMIA also.. That's y to confirm the LMIA number.. Then how we check whether the workpermit letter and LMIA number is original or fake.?
  13. It's 100% fake. You are not getting an LMIA for a cashier in a supermarket. The job is a minimum wage job, no skills, anybody could do it. What do you not understand about this?
  14. OK thanks for ur guidance..

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