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how to check LMIA letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by warismahmood, May 23, 2018.

  1. Hi there
    Is anybodyhas information or submitted the second transition plan for support of permanent residency(activity #5)
    In the last transition plan (LMIA), I mentioned that i will apply for permanent residency but i got sick and i could not apply for PR.
    Now my workpermit is about to expire and i want to apply for new LMIA with transition plan activity#5.
    Do you guys think, it is good idea to submit a second transition plan with SAME employer?
  2. so you are saying can't get the work permit for out of Canadians ... according to me, you are misguiding to every one.. Canada is providing work permit but its candidate risk to find the correct agent... every day new employee is entering Canada with work permit instead of PR..
  3. they are misguiding you.. am from chennai.. we have 3 opitons to enter Canada.
    1) PR 2) Work Permit 3) Visit Visa and after reach, Canada will convert to WP

    as you aware its really very tuff to get PR so we can try the options 2 or 3 according to your situation...
  4. Sakthinii my point is that you only get LMIA if the job is somewhat specialized. A job of cashier in a supermarket is not in any way specialized. If the OP was going for a job, say an engineer, they could get an LMIA as not everybody can do this and you need trained. Everybody can potentially be a cashier in a supermarket. Please do not come on here and give people false hope. We are here to answer questions to the best of our ability, but to also stop people wasting money etc in unrealistic applications. So, again, please do not provide false information, as it can be very harmful to the people trying to get here.
  5. I go through your above message, that's mean there is no Job available in Canada for unskilled or skilled unless you are an engineer, i can prove that what you are saying the information is incorrect and don't discourage any people here... also am saying that's candidate response to identify the correct person for the person... I have seen some agents who are really doing WP from India so person went to Canada under there own and after reached they called them for arranging work and work permit as well.. am here to say totally wp is not possible is the incorrect word, people to find to the correct person. but yes from india every day 1 Wp is stamping in VFX.
  6. Can you actually read properly? I didn't say that you could only get a work permit if your job is an engineer. That would be an example of when you COULD get an LMIA. You ARE giving people false hope here. We give people VALID information that is based on real life experiences, nit a fantasy world. So please stop posting, what is my opinion, to be totally incorrect information, just to get your post count up.
  7. I don't want to argue here.. I just will give the options where its possible ways to go to Canada ... but choosing agents is completely depending on candidate choice....
  8. haha ahh good joke man,,,,, anyway am new to this website and I don't have any intention to get my post count up... am just typing all is practical thing... i just spoke with my guy and he said what you saying is incorrrect.. job may be skilled or unskilled Canadian govt will issue LMIA after LMIA only we can go to VFX for file submission. every country person dream is Canada not for luxury life at least to earn money much better than there own country. so if you guys don't do help these people but at least don't discourage... am going to stop this conversation and dont reply...
  9. If an agent tells a person that they can get an LMIA for a cashier's job, they are scamming that individual and taking their money under false pretenses. Unfortunately there are a lot of agents that will do this and we alert people to this fact. Case closed. Do some reading about it.
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  10. if you have any friends or any contacts in Chennai, india.. ask them to contact us... will show you the original LMIA.
  11. Stop spamming.. there is no LMIA for a supermarket job. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker. A positive LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. It will also show that no Canadian worker is available to do the job.
  12. Hello every body please iwant your help i got LMIA for working in Mahone bay for working security guard at night time by number SF#831151547 in factory Redadi for Tobaccon Er ID#B1087
    Wage 800 D every weak
    Empoly name :mohamed kamal from egypt
    Please if you can help me know it's true or not
  13. Probably fake, but post your job offer letter you received, taking out any personal information. If it has free feeding, free accommodation, free air fare, it's fake,.
  14. Check the LMIA number 9244959
  15. Check lmia number 9244959
    Employees name :Humber River Hospital
    Location: Torrento

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