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how to check LMIA letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by warismahmood, May 23, 2018.

  1. Obviously fake as Zardoz has said.

    Really people need to use common sense with these offers and ask themselves would anybody in Canada really be looking to recruit cleaners (23) from another continent not only paying their expensive airfare but providing accommodation and food.

    There are plenty of people in Canada available to take low paid unskilled jobs without anyone looking outside of the country
  2. I have job offer from my consultant i verified its not fake .. can any one help me .. what is LMIA . MY CONSULTANT SAY LMIA IS A ID HELP ME
  3. How did you verify it was not fake?
  4. Need to provide more details about the job offer and keep in mind a consultant will say anything for a fee.
  5. But i verify .. my job offer .. my uncle meet the ceo of company and ask about my job offer so it positive .. can you tell me what is lmia ? Lmia just a id ??
  6. An LMIA means that the company has paid a 1000 dollar fee, advertised the job for a few months and found no resident applicant.

    What is the job exactly ?
  7. Roofer.. a labour work monthly salery 2700$ just sunday holiday
  8. The lmia is a id ?? Id comes out its means positive lmia ??
  9. You said at first you had a job offer from your consultant? Now you say you Uncle met the CEO of the company? Which is it?
  10. It will be a number, which you provide in your work permit application.
  11. Yes i have job offer from consultant.. the company name,address and ceo name on the job offer.. i call my uncle in canada verify it .. so uncle go the company and meet ceo .. and ask about my job offer. Ceo say its correct job offer .. is own by me .. my question is .. what is lmia ? Lmia ids comes its means positive lmia ??
  12. Just a number ?? Lmia not a documents ??
  13. The phone call doesn't verify it's real. We see many scammers here that will speak to people on the phone.

    You need to post the full job offer letter.

    Are they offering to pay for your flight or accommodations or food?
  14. Sorry, this is sounding more fake by the minute.
  15. Yes he paid my accommodation, food,flight.. my meet not a call sir..

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