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How long will CIC take to return my passport?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by joash9292, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Hi Nevo91,

    I am trying to courier my passports but both FedEx and UPS refuse to give me the Prepaid Return envelope. They say they need the return date for the customs form. FedEx guy said that I should open an online account.........I am totally confused. What did you do? Please help.

    Anybody's input would be much appreciated.
  2. Oh yeah the same happened to me.
    It was ridiculous processes.
    Eventually, I knew what should I do.
    First go to FedEx website, open an account with your info, you will be asked about your credit card info, fill in all the required info.
    Then now you are verified and you have an account number.
    Take the account number with you to FedEx and tell them I wanna a prepaid return envelope to Canada and I have FedEx account.
    They will give you applications to fill in then you will use your account number (as a method of payment)
    That's all.
    Hope it helps.
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  3. Thanks a ton! I am gonna try doing that right now.
  4. How do we send personal message on this? Anybody?
  5. Thanks, I was able to send my passports and CPC Ottawa received them yesterday. Please post on the forum when you receive yours, it'll give me an idea of the current timeline. I wanted to send a personal message to you, don't know how to do that, any suggestion?
    Thanks again!
  6. Check out this thread. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/passports-to-cpc-ottawa-january-2018.536293/page-27#post-6695696

    Though it has a mix of all the different streams, that should help you gauge the timeline on getting your passport back. I recently got mine back and it was mailed out to me exactly 14 days after it was delivered to CPC - Ottawa. That seems be the trend at the moment. Hope that helps.
  7. You are welcome!
    So my updated timeline is
    The passport sent 15th Jan
    It delivered to ottowa 16th Jan
    I received an email that my return envelope tracking number has been generated on 1st Feb
    I received an email that the mail has been shipped on 2nd Feb
    I received an email that my online CIC account has been updated on 2bd Feb
    I got the passport today on 5th Feb ...

    To send a private message, you can click on the person's name or picture and then press start new conversation.

    Good luck!
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  8. Thanks!
  9. I sent my passport to Canada on 3rd Jan and they received it on the 4th. Haven't heard back from them since then. Can anyone share their experience regarding this. Any inputs or suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thank you
  10. My PR application is still in process and my passport is with CIC. Can anyone please tell me if I will be getting my Passport back too once I receive my PR or how long does it take to get your passport back ?
  11. Hi, does anyone know how long it takes to get the passport back in Canada? I received PPR and send it on the same day. I need my passport to apply for EU visa in two weeks.

    thanks for your help.
  12. 1-2 weeks for approval
    2-3 weeks for sending passport back
  13. Hey! I was wondering if you have any idea why sending the passport back using Canada Xpresspost takes 2-3 weeks? Shouldn't it be delivered within a week at max to most big cities in Canada? I am strictly referring to INLAND applicants. Or is the timeline different for inlanders? Thanks!

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