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How long will CIC take to return my passport?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by joash9292, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. I was also very worried about my passport cause I didn’t even wrote my name and date of birth on those photos, but still everything went well and I got copr! Good luck everyone!
  2. Thanks Sidhu, this is very helpful. Any idea when the status of your application changed after you sent your passport?
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  3. Congratulations!
    Were you appplying from US?
  4. Could you inform me once you get any updates?
    My passport just delivered to Ottawa on 16th Jan.
  5. I got a message 'your PR application approved' which is showing in my express entry profile. Did this means I got visa and PR ? They sent the passport which I haven't got yet. Will they give PR card with passport?
  6. sure i will keep you posted. Are you applying from the USA.
  7. Yes
  8. yes thank you
  9. Im applying from USA.
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  10. My status changed to approved yesterday but my return tracker is not yet activated. Any thoughts please?
  11. Ekam,
    are you moving from US?
  12. Did you send it via overnight courier? I am getting ready to send my passports to CPC Ottawa.
  13. Did you send them via overnight courier?
  14. I am applying from USA as well.
  15. I sent it via FedEx on 15th at the morning, it has been delivered on 16th at the morning also.
    It seems that it's overnight.

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