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How long will CIC take to return my passport?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by joash9292, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Using Canada Xpresspost, the service is next business day (Quebec & Ontario)
    CIC takes 1-2 weeks for final approval the application (the decision was made before) and CIC takes 2-3 weeks for sending passport back (printing visas on passports)
    then Postes Canada takes one/two business day for delivery
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  2. Thanks so much for the clarification mpsqra :)
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  3. Thanks again mpsqra for the reply. I just wanted to share my timeline here. I sent my passport last Thursday to Ottawa office (I am an inland OINP single applicant from Toronto). It reached Ottawa on Friday, May 4, 2018 (it's a day delivery). The Case Processing Centre in Ottawa took exactly six days (counting from Friday, May 4th) and sent me an email about change in my status on May 10, 2018. I received my passport today, May 11, 2018, with CoPR and Visa. So it appears that their entire processing time from when they receive the passport to issuing and sending the CoPR package is about a week :) I hope this helps those of you who are hoping to get your CoPR soon!
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  4. I hope you have had a great landing,,,
    if there is any mistake on the CoPR just inform to the officer,
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  5. I have just sent my passport (on 13th June) to Ottawa for PR visa. How long it will take to receive my passport? I live in Montreal.
  6. 2-3 weeks for approval, then
    1-2 weeks for sending back (counterfoil impression included)
  7. Thank you for the information
  8. H
    Hi! Mind if I ask where in the US did you find a photographer who'd take photos with canadian required specs?
  9. Hello. Do you mean that an application may still be refused even after the golden email?
  10. got my CoPR and landing visa within 1 week of sending the passport.
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  11. I sent in my passport on June 27, 2018 and my status changed today, June 30, 2018 to approve.
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  12. next week you would receive your CoPR,,,
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  13. I have sent my passport to Canadian High Commission in my country today how long should I wait to get it back(Jamaica)
  14. Could you please tell us what happened to you? My situation is similar
  15. Yesterday I got my visa approval please anyone knows when will I need to collect my passport from the vfs?

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