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Hepatitis B and immigration

Discussion in 'Health' started by merry, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. okay.
    Then you should try, you might stand a better chance of getting the visa.
  2. I have chronic hepatitis-B disease. I'm taking medication in my country. But I have good values. I'm just using the drug to lower HBV DNA, ALT-AST. Is my immigration application acceptable? please answer me.

  3. --hi ,im also a chronic hepatitis B carried but our diff is that i dont take any medication. My DNA VIRAL LOAD only 167 and my ALT- AST are within normal. My opinion is that they dont accept applicants whor are under medication.
  4. Last year, my values were normal. this year rose a little. My doctor asked me to take medicine. But he said nothing to fear. When the values normalize, we cut the drug. It's normal on her liver ultrasound. What should I do in order to learn this?

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