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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. So wild... I'm sorry. Is there a big age gap between you two (if you don't mind me asking)?

    Hope you get through the process ASAP!
  2. No big age gap, I speak fluent Spanish, lots of visits between us, common interests (and actually we are both homebodies) and I didn't meet him at a resort, nor did we marry quickly. We've been together a long time, were friends first, and had pictures in our application going back 10 years. I suspect the interview is either a) because I sponsored someone else and divorced them, or b) that my husband did his mandatory service - 28 years ago - at a penitentiary (and so maybe it is a security interview). I guess we'll find out!
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  3. I selected POS for the interview on Aug 25. On Aug 30 I received an e-mail from Mexico saying the file will be transferred to Trinidad and Tobago. The e-mail said "The Canadian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago will communicate with you via e-mail as soon as your file is received" As of now I have not heard anything from Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. We were told it would be "Within 8 weeks". By the end of October you should hear something and it would definitely be fair to follow up by then.
  5. Gosh... how frustrating. Thanks for responding. Good luck to you !!!! Keep us posted
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  6. We were transferred August 15 and haven’t heard back either. We followed up last week but no response yet. Hopefully we both hear back and have dates soon, this waiting is torture.
  7. Follow up again. Call the embassy-
  8. HI GUYS, ANY NEWS ??????????????????
  9. Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum, and I have no one I can turn to ask for advice in a similar situation. I am reaching out to you whom can all relate with this complex situation and who are also going through this heart-wrenching experience.

    I am a Peruvian born in Toronto. I met my Cuban husband through a mutual dance company I was performing with in Santiago de Cuba
    in April of 2016. We married in April of 2018. We initially applied over a year ago and the order of sequence of our application for spousal sponsorship is as follows:

    Application Sent: October 29, 2018
    Application Returned to me: February 2019 (They requested for his sons birth certificate and Notice of Assessment)
    Returned Full Application with Requested Documents: April 11, 2019
    Notification of Application Received from CIC: May 28, 2019
    Sponsor Approval: June 19, 2019
    Notice Application Forwarded to Visa Office in Mexico: October 10, 2019
    Medical Request for Dependant sent to my husband: November 1, 2019

    He has attempted to contact the mother of his son and her parents as they have assumed full custody of his son since birth. He mentioned they are quite malicious and do not let him see his son unless he pays them. He has attempted to call them everyday before and after work with no answer, since he received the request for medical. He went to their house Thursday and Friday and no one was home. He asked their neighbor and they mentioned that they believe the family has left town, as they do this often. (his son's mother has now remarried an American and she has 3 children)

    We feel helpless and we will be sending a declaration of forever surrendering/renouncing the right to sponsor his son in future and a full explanation of his attempts to contact them.

    1. Where do we send this letter, to the CIC in Canada or to the Mexican Visa Office?
    2. Would they accept the letter if I sent this on my husbands behalf?
    3. I understand everyone's case is unique, although what typically happens after this medical for dependent request?
    Is it followed by a request for his medical (Trinidad), fingerprints (Habana), interview (Trinidad)?
    4. Can anyone share their timeline from start to finish?

    This has been a very stressful experience and hearing your insight and sharing positive vibes can help the process:);)...
    I just want my husband home:(...
  10. Had our interview in Trinidad on Thursday and we got the Visa!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Waooo congratulations Kesgurl!
    Thanks for sharing your incredible outcome!!!
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  12. That sounds terribly complicated, sorry for your situation.
    While I have no experience with this, I would call the IRCC and get advice from an agent directly, they've been really helpful to me. 1-888-242-2100

    Good luck! Good vibes your way~
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  13. Did you get the visa at the interview or was it a day or 2 later?
  14. Has anyone here done their Medical Exam in Guyana? My husband went here to do his fingerprints, and so I'd like him to go here again for the Medical Exam. I've been trying to call the panel physician in Georgetown Guyana to book his appointment, but there's been no answer all day.

    Has anyone had any luck with this?
  15. Hi All - just for all of us with Cuban spouses in the queue - there have been some indications that those who have been notified about interviews are not necessarily needing interviews. I know of a couple of cases now where Trinidad received the file and decided an interview was not needed, and people are being issued visas.
    We were told on October 4th that an interview was needed. We chose Trinidad and have been waiting. We are expecting to hear from them in December maybe, but it would be nice if this news is a trend that continues.

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