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has anyone done with ECA of Himalayan University itanagar from anyone of these WES , IQAS or ICAS ?

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Radhika Gsw, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. has anyone done with ECA of Himalayan University itanagar from anyone of these WES , IQAS or ICAS ?
  2. I am also looking for the same answer. Anyone here with some sort of previous experience with this University?
  3. Dear All,

    I was doing IQAS for my spouse. But in his Education documents his name is Vyshakh M and in passport it is Vyshakh Mohanan. Kindly suggest what can be done to clear this issue. If we have to submit an affidavit, do you have any format of this? If yes kindly share it to my email ID divyashukla7@gmail.com
  4. Wes has positively evaluated my Himalayan university degree. So the answer is yes.
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  5. Hello Amit

    Congrats on your ECA. Can you please share the details of the WES report?
    Also, share the timeline and the way to gather the transcripts if possible.
  6. Thank you Pritam,

    Wes timeline
    06/02/2018 - application submitted
    06/08/2018 - documents received by Wes
    06/20/2018 - application under review
    07/10/2018 - application on hold due to incomplete transcripts by university
    08/02/2018 - got new transcripts from university and sent again
    09/04/2018 - evaluation completed

    How to take transcripts from Himalayan university.
    Initially when I requested for the transcripts they sent it in a sealed envelope as requested by Wes. So I had no option of looking what was inside the sealed envelope. It was Wes that informed me that the envelope only had 3rd year transcripts. When I contacted the university asking for clarification, they told me that this is the format that they make transcripts. Since Wes was not accepting this format I asked them what best could they do as transcripts in any university means 3 years separate sheets and not 1 sheet like this university. They told me that they can provide another transcript along with all 3 years degree certificate with registrar's signature in a sealed envelope. I had no option but to accept it and keep my fingers crossed. Thankfully, Wes accepted this format as all they wanted to know is the in-depth details that led to the marks mentioned on the 3rd year transcript.

    So, my suggestion, please take to university or the study center and request the transcripts in the above mentioned format.
  7. Thanks for the inputs. Also, I Would like to know while submitting for ECA with WES what did you choose?
    Himalayan University or Himalayan University-Distance Learning?

    What course did you take, the mode and what was the WES outcome?
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    Normally you would have to fill in the evaluations while creating your profile and the tool would auto evaluate the scores.
  9. Hey Amit,

    Was you degree a distance Education Or regular
  10. Hi Amit

    I still dont believe, but if this is true by any chance could you please share your WES report to give us clarity on Himalayan University and save further investment.
  11. i have sent my himalayan degree documents to WES last month. WES has sent it to university back for verification. I spoke Himalayan University's Delhi office, they said they have responded back to WES with verification details. Now i am waiting for the status to be changed from on hold to accepted.
  12. Accepted does not mean denote approved.... after that you should receive WES result with "3/4 years education from recognized university".... you should get that in case WES recognizes the Himalayan University. lets see.
  13. Have you got any update on it?
  14. Yes. WES sent verification email to Himalayan university. Their Delhi office people reverted to verification email. Now WES has updated the status that evaluation report is due on 3rd dec.
  15. Hi Jagjeet , Please update us the result of WES once you receive on Dec 3rd. Even I am planning to send my MBA - distance two year masters for WES evaluation and i am bit worried about the result

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