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Has any had their 1 Year PGD from Virtual University (Pakistan) evaluated by WES?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Y2ahmed, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. If her BBA is accepted as 4 yrs bachelors, she would be able to claim points for "two or more" with 1 yr PGD
  2. look it says two or more certificate with atleast 1 being 3 years
    so BBA + PGD technically means two or more what u say and has anyone got like that
  3. 4 yrs bachelors from Pakistan is commonly accepted equivalent to 4 yrs canadian bachelors, so it wont be an issue.
  4. do u have facebook id I would like to share WES report but due to we lack point we decided to take admission in PGD she has already got good ilets record 8.5 8 7 7
  5. yes, give me ur email id, ill send u a text on fb
  6. Engr karim virani facebook id
  7. check fb inbox
  8. This is one long thread, i read almost 9 pages, i want to know, does 1 year PG for VU help or not. No one has reconfirmed if they got more ranking from WES or not.

    i have 2 years Bcom and 2 years MBA from Punjab University, will this PG Diploma help me to add my score? i am short of 40 points in my Express entry profile.

    Also let me know, which province is best to apply for PNP, Plz add me to the group, 00971-50-1560472
  9. Has Anyone got the ECA for postgraduate diploma of VU? no one has replied anyone yet, is there any news from the group all of you part of
  10. You dont need PGD, Get ur MBA only evaluated by CES or ICES.
  11. Only VU PGD-BA is evaluated by WES so far, hopefully others would be accepted too.
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  12. 00923102969939, kindly add me in the grp
  13. Hi bro, can you please also add me in the whhatsapp group +13319013177. Thank you

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