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Has any had their 1 Year PGD from Virtual University (Pakistan) evaluated by WES?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Y2ahmed, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. I am thinking of doing Post Graduate Diploma from there VU aswell. You sure WES accepted the VU PGD and gave points according to the Canadian post graduate diploma? if yes, then which diploma did you do there? Please let me know thanks
  2. I have complete my PGD and also attestation from HEC. I will send the sealed envelop to WES by tomorrow and after that it will take 30 to 40 days.
    I hope everything goes as planned, pray for a positive response guys!
    and for all those who are still thinking about doing PGD from VU... don't waste time and start doing it already... baki Allah malik hai :)
  3. Which PGD did u do from VU?
    What eas your previous degree ?
  4. PGD CS. previous was telecom.
  5. added in watch thread. thanx
  6. my PGD documents have been received at WES and now are under review
  7. Hello Fahad,

    Can you please add me in the group ,,, 00971-55-994-5560
  8. Awaiting for your response :)
  9. hey.... did any body receive the WES for the PGD ?
  10. My friend did, its accepted as diploma.
  11. Dear , I have BBA(hons- 4 years) + PGD, what will be ECA result ? Bacehlors degree or Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees ?
  12. Two or more
  13. Thanks :)
  14. Dear Saif.. kindly update the status of your seniors who gave their PGD for ECA

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