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Has any had their 1 Year PGD from Virtual University (Pakistan) evaluated by WES?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Y2ahmed, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Hello people.

    I plan on doing a 1 year Post graduate diploma from Virtual University (Pakistan). I know its recognized by HEC (Higher Education Council - Pakistan) and WES also states on their website they evaluate VU Pakistan degrees.

    My question is if it is actually equivalent to a 1 year PGD by Canadian standards.

    Has anyone had their diploma evaluated?

    Highly appreciate if someone has any experience or feedback on this.

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  2. Same question here.

    I have graduated as an Industrial Engineer from NED University in Karachi. I went for 4 months diploma in Supply Chain Management from Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) but WES did not recognize 4 months diploma from PIM. WES however recognized my NED Bachelors in Engineering Degree as being equivalent to Canadian 4 year bachelors degree.

    To boost my score further, I am considering getting 1 year diploma from Virtual University of Pakistan in Business Administration. Virtual University of Pakistan is recognized by WES as authentic institute according to WES Canada website (Documents Required Section). I have no idea if the post graduate diploma is equivalent to diploma in Canada or not. If someone has applied for assessment of this diploma from VU, kindly update us regarding the outcome so that many students could better decide and save their time.

    Can you guys help me with identifying any post graduate diplomas in Pakistan which are proven to be assessed positively by WES Canada? It would be very helpful for a lot of bachelor graduates in Pakistan as they need a masters or a diploma to boost their scores. Sharing any such experience would be appreciated where a diploma from any university in Pakistan was positively assessed by WES Canada for immigration.

    It would be really helpful. Thank you for your cooperatio.
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  3. Hey,

    So have confirmed the PGD will be accepted as "two or more degrees" for the CRS score?
  4. i tried to confirm from many people but i have not come up with any person up till now who has got his diploma assessed from any Canadian organization, but despite waiting n asking people for it... I decided to take admission. & by visiting WES, CES & different sites, It seems like it is acceptable & we can marks for it...
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  5. My only concern is the fact this uni is all virtual.. the line that states:

    Note: a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate must either have been earned at an accredited Canadian university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute in Canada. Distance learning counts, but only if it made up less than half your study.
  6. VU is accredited by HEC . By the way AIOU is distant learning, VU is not distant learning. Its mode of teaching is different. That is through computer.
    Well, I would suggest everyone to take admission & start studying atleast... I am sure it will help us to gain marks...
  7. Yes Ive seen VU on WES approved list. I believe im late for this semester.

    Might bother you on some info on VU.

    Is it good?
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  8. sure, no issue... send me ur number, I will add u on whatsapp & u can whatsapp me...no issue... btw VU admissions are going to be opened next month.. gear up !
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  9. Excellent! I'll keep an eye..

    Your help is much appreciated.

    03323111600. Drop me a message and I'll save your number. Cheers.

  10. Kindly add me in the whatsapp group too. I will inbox you my contact number.

    Your PGD from VU must be near completion. You should update here once you get the result for the ECA.

    I have posted on many threads but received no response regarding the VU PGD so we could make this thread a source of valuable information for all the candidates!
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  11. VU admissions for PGD are starting in February 2018.
    AIOU admissions for PGD will start in February/March 2018 according to their website.

    Both programs are of 1 year duration and 2 semesters.
  12. 2 years Bachelors with "Virtual University, 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)", should be treat as "Bachelor's degree (three or more year program at a university)".
    But need to confirm, First!
  13. If someone has mcs degree from virtual university how many crs points he can get ?
  14. Answer is here Both programs are of 1 year duration and 2 semesters ok

    Exams Date Sheet
  15. Guys I am also going to take admission to boost my score.
    Like everyone else I am also bit confused but I dont see any harm to go for diploma. As i have already done BS (4-years) so in case if it gets me dual degree or PGD points that would be enough for me

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