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Good secondary school neighbourhoods

Discussion in 'Housing' started by rooster7, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Hello all, just thought I'd give you an update - it's been a while and my time in TO has been exciting and heady at the same time. I recently secured a 2+1 unit at a condo, on the east end of High Park on Bloor St W, near Keele Station. Moving in soon. I sensed some of the streets there can be sketchy in terms of perhaps crime or shady people? Could you help identify if you're familiar with the area? Thanks so much. Loving Toronto, by the way.
  2. Don't know exactly where you are moving. Sense it might be in the Junction given your description. It has become a really hot area in the past 5 years. Still an area with a mix of pre-gentrification and post-gentrification. Nothing wrong with the neighbourhood.
  3. I'm south of Junction, in between Dundas St W and the Keele St

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