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G5 Group of five timeline

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Xbero, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Did you get call for interview ?
  2. Hi, is this the address to send group of 5 sponsership applications in central case processing centre Sydney nova Scotia ;
    • Canadian Armed Forces CAF – Grants and Resumptions
      IRCC Case Processing Centre
      CAF -Citizenship
      P.O. Box 8200
      Sydney, NS
      B1P 0G7
  3. When providing a financial support in G5 is it must to put the money in an account or only to show financial income.
  4. You need to have money in an account. This is a basic requirement to qualify as sponsors.
  5. Hello Everyone..i was applying group of five sponsership and my application received after few days but not yet Approved almost 5 month And 15 days now? Is that normal? Online states said on process, Average of processing time for first stage approval Is 6 month?? What can i will do if 6 month is passed???

    My second Q is canada election is coming it has impact on immigration and for refugees? like us who already on process and who waiting still? Thanks guys hope i will find the answer
  6. Hello Everyone..

    i was submitted my group five application on 5 June ... will they send me an email if they received the application as I am applicant ? or they will only send the sponsors people ? How long will it take to receive the application ? Thanks in advance
  7. They will send confirmation to both applicant and the sponsor group in two week time something like
  8. Hi Mahadi
    Your application was send by email or by mail ?
  9. Hello Newbie,
    my application send by email,
  10. As far as I know, if you send your application by email an automatic receipt confirmation will be send as soon as your email is received by the system.
  11. That's true and i already recevied confirmation and they send file number as well, my question is they didnt approved my application, not yet received Almost 6 month passad? Is that normal 6 month? If not What you will suggest me to do?
  12. If they didn't approved in the past 6 month then you need to wait more months.mine took 9 month to get approved.sometimes it depends from which country you applied.
  13. I
  14. Hi fisseha
    From where did you applay? 9 month to approved it seems like longer than the procces time

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