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G5 Group of five timeline

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Xbero, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    1. Go to https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/check-status.html
    2. From dropdown choose, "Refugees" and then click "Continue" then scroll down and click "Check Application Status"
    3. Then agree and continue with filling the information. You need to pick the Application Number and enter your G000XXXXXXX
  2. Hello,
    Applied January 2017
    Application received August 2017
    Application in process july 27 2018
    Interview october 23 2018..

    Current status medicals have been recieved ..
  3. Hello everyone,
    I have family currently living in Turkey. They had to leave Afghanistan in December 2017 due to safety issues. I am wondering if we can apply through G5 program for them. They have already received documentation that they are asylum seekers and can currently live in Turkey until further investigated. They have waited over a year now and still the UNHCR has not called them for interview. The confusion comes because they know 2 other families that got sponsored through G5 and recently landed in Toronto and they did not wait through the UNHCR process. Is the documentation that was given to them by Turkey sufficient for us to now apply through G5 program for them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  4. Hi, well i think the rules and regulations for each state variouses with in Canada, Some states do accept kimlik and some dont. i suggest you should show the copy of kimlik and other refugee proving cards to the immigration office and ask about it..
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  5. Hi Jordan,

    Your file seems a little bit longer than average other Group of 5 applications. Is your application under Group of 5 of SHA?

    What date did you receive the email for the interview? was it email or phone call?

    Based on your interview date, I think your file should be concluded and visa issued by February 2020.
  6. Hi Xbero, we received a call as well as email, normally people receives call a month before the interview as that was for our case.
    well bro i would like to know how did you come up with the exact date feb 2020 for our visas to be issue? Did you see any pattern or did you apply any regulation which i may dont know based on my timeline ? i would like to hear something on this from you thanks..
  7. A family who had their interviews done in May 2018, had all their background check and medical completed within 4 months and in September 2018 they received their visa. Based on that timeline, I assume your case will be concluded by Feb 2019.

    Did the sponsor in Canada or the sponsored refugee in Turkey receive the call for the interview, also the email?
    In our case, the sponsored refugee's phone number has changed and I thought everything will be communicated via email. If in your case the sponsored refugee received the phone call for the interview, then we should update the phone number.
  8. Even i know a family, have given their interview on November 2018 and they are going on 12 feb 2019. Actually no one knows how they process files, some cases takes time while other don't.
    The sponsors and refugee both receive emails,
    and the refugee receives call from the embassy informing the exact information that has been provided by email to the sponsors and refugee as was for our case..
    hey xbero was it feb 2019 or 2020 because you mentioned two different dates..
    Do they issue visa or arrange travel Documents for refugees i am suspicious about this?
  9. Hi ,
    Sorry I meant to say February 2019 if you did your medical examination within two weeks after the interview. That's exactly what the other family did.
    By the way, check the status of your application online and it should say what things have been completed so far.
  10. Ok you did mention your medical has been received, then it's security background check and travel arrangements that are currently in the process for you. Wish you best of luck and a good news pretty soon.
  11. Thanks, hopefully you also hear some good news very soon.
    And i will be more than happy if our travel arrangements get done by june.
    Wish you good luck..
  12. I'm trying to estimate how long we have to wait for the interview email.

    What date did you receive the email informing you about the interview appointment?
  13. I think about one year after the application received date you will receive the call for interview, Thats what i think.
    it was September end when i received the call for interview..
  14. Hello Dear

    From Turkey with kimlik they got, only SAH sponsorship can done, but for g5 they need to have UNCHR refugee status so it is better to fine a SAH sponsorship to sponsor them.

  15. Hi everyone,
    I would like enquire for my case as we are two related families and our application was received on March, 2018. Our lawyer informed us on February, 2019 that it has started processing and gave us our G-number. The problem is that one of the numbers doesn't show me the status while the others shows! I checked all the details (family name, dob, Gnumber.. etc.) Still no results since February.

    Hopefully I can find the answer for the reason

    Thank you

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