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G5 Group of five timeline

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Xbero, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Please share your time line for group of 5 sponsorship and let's keep each other updated.

    I sent via email the applications May 20, 2018
    Received email about the application being complete and sent for further processing to Ottawa July 26, 2018
    Waiting for Ottawa to give their approval response hopefully.
  2. which country are you applying from ?
    can you please tell us what is the complete procedure to apply for group of five..
  3. I am applying for refugees in Tajikistan.

    1. You form a group of 5 people in Canada and send the application to Ottawa
    2. Ottawa reviews the application for completeness and send you back an AOR confirming that the application is complete and forwarded for processing
    3. Immigration officer in Ottawa reviews the document of 5 people and refugee and sends an email regarding final approval of the application
    4. File gets transferred to Tajikistan and Visa Officer does interview there
    5. Medical and criminal background check is performed
    6. If everything goes well, visa will be issued for refugees to travel to Canada
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  4. How can I know the processing time? When I check cic website, it tells me no data available!!

    Applying from Canada and sponsoring someone from Croatia.
  5. It will likely take around 3 years based on experiences on this forum.
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  6. I'm sponsoring my brother to come to Canada alone, but I will include his dependents (wife and 3 children) who are in Iraq in the application, just wondering how can his dependents come to Canada? After he lands he should apply? Or they process their application together? Please advice
  7. I don't know enough about the program. I would strongly recommend you consult with a lawyer. I thought all dependents had to be included along with the primary. Whatever you do, don't list your brother as single. His spouse and children MUST be mentioned in the application.
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  8. You can only sponsor him, if he is accepted as refugee by Croatia or UNHCR. In addition to that, you need valid reason as to why Croatia is not a suitable country for him and Canada is to immigrate. This could be because of discrimination, police harassment and etc. You can include his dependents in the application but can't sponsor them since they are not in Croatia as refugee. He needs to sponsor them once he comes to Canada.
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  9. His reasons cuz he has no right to work, he can't move freely in the country, no right to study! All he's doing right now is given food and about $30 a month that doesn't even cover his phone bill.
  10. Those are great reasons and work fine.
  11. It doesn't make sense to me. Correct me please if I'm wrong.

    Canadian Immigration: you must be recognized by a foreign state.

    Canadian Immigration: if the country you're currently residing in gives you safety, you are not eligible to come to Canada.

    In my brother's case, if he recognized as a refugee in Croatia, then he can just stay there cuz he'll be safe.

    Then how Canadian immigration is working?
  12. Hi I send my sister documents on may too but I haven’t Received any approval yet she is living in Ukraine
  13. Have you received your application "G" number? If yes, when did you receive that?
  14. No I haven’t
  15. 60 Days have passed since you submitted your application in May, you should have received acknowledgment of receipt with G application number.

    Since you haven't received this, call or email CIC and say that the 60 days have passed and I am checking the status of my application.

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