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G5 Group of five timeline

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Xbero, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Which country are u applying from? South Africa takes 23 month to finalize everything
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  2. Hi everyone

    I was submitted my application in 4 june I didn’t get any confirmation yet .. I read in website that if you submitted your application us Zip file ROC-O can not open this type of files and will not accept the that application ... so my question is my application is submitted us zip file , so what can I do now? Please I need your suggestion thanks
  3. Has anyone got any update on their file?
  4. Hey....I don't understand your question.because there are many steps b4 you get your confirmation letter.
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  5. How long after the Canada Orientation meeting does it take to have the flight to Canada?
  6. I think 2 to 3 months
  7. I think it takes 2 to 3 months same times it takes less ...can you please explain to me how long it takes your process from the day you send your application to the day you did the orientation meeting ? How long it takes each staps????
  8. Application sent May 2018
    Approval received and application forwarded to Embassy overseas October 2018
    Interview and Medical done in April 2019
  9. Update:

    - Application received on: April 2018
    - Sponsors approval and send overseas: Oct 2018
    - Embassy Interview: April 2019
    - Medical examination: June 2019

    Country: Lebanon
    Number of people in app: 3
    County of birth: Iraq

    Waiting for decision made file still in process
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  10. Hello bro, im applying also from South Africa, I have few questions to ask you I can?
  11. Hi everyone,
    My wife and i have been looking for some people to join us sponsoring a refugee who has stuck in Indonesia for 7 years.He got the refugee status by UNHCR but unfortunately he does not have the basic human rights there . Anybody knows people or connections willing to join us? BTW we live in Cummer Ave Toronto . Thanks for your support in advance.
  12. Bro i want a help please.
    What if all the five sponsors make lots of money annually but have low money in the account?.
    Is it ok?
    Please tell me
  13. This is not OK.

    The minimum funds need to be in the bank account. If the funds in the bank account are low, the application will be refused.
  14. Thanks for your reply.
    So what about if the sponsors are contributing funds from their personal income?
  15. That's fine. They can certainly do that. However the bank account must have the minimum funds required at the time the sponsorship application is submitted. If you are the person being sponsored, I would recommend that your sponsors review the requirements closely to ensure they meet them.
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