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For all those who sent their applications today oct 11 2017 what mistakes did you make?

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by ibry, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Asking for others , Some submitted without including the receipts. Others without signing the physical presence. Can you help with mistakes so others who are yet to submit can avoid it. Thanks
  2. I did my best, it was roller coaster day. MY ONLY WORRY IS I CHECKED <YES> on tax boxes on question (was taxes required?) but I think it was right to check <YES> on was taxes required by cra?, I guess they will figure out because I gave SIN number.

    other than that I printed, signed residency paper, and receipt too. and everything else too.
  3. should I have ticked TAX BOXES EVERYTHING <YES>?

    That's my only worry, waiting to hear from veterans like Dpenbill
  4. Guys, all that matters with this tax stuff is that you file 3/5 years. You can tick anything on the 'Required to File' boxes...doesn't matter if you've fulfilled the minimum of filing 3/5 years.

    The 'Required to file?' boxes become relevant if you haven't filed 3/5 years.
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  5. Don't think I made any silly mistakes. I must have scoured over the application a minimum 5 times over. Read re-read and re-read the guides and checklists.

    I found discrepancies though in the checklist and the guide:
    1. In particular, the checklist says nothing about submitting copy of PR card (or other IMM 5292 etc docs) but the guide does.
    2. The guide says to submit copies of all valid passports held while the checklist says submit copies of the biographical pages of passports. This is also an inconsistency since the former can be interpreted as copies of the full passport. When I called CIC they said to submit copies of the whole passport.
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  6. I really dont want to send unnecessary paper work but if you were told copies of whole passport guess i will send it just in case
  7. Everything should be yes except for the year 2017 No, for have you filed but yes for required to file. The smart way is only listing years 2012-2016
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  8. Problem is the guide is a little ambigious. This can cause some grief - so rather be safe than sorry.

    Just erring on the side of caution with Murphy's law: "If something can go wrong - it will."
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  9. I swear this whole application is the most ambiguous i have ever come about. Seems like they are having fun playing mind games

    Better to be safe for sure
  10. Guide is very important, I submitted my Ontario drivers license both sides, Landed confirmation document and PR card both sides as my id, but have lost pass since 2011 and my country has no embassy in canada, also havnt been out of Toronto since 2010 from day one arrived in Canada, will I be in trouble. iam in trouble because of pass?
  11. This isn't a matter of being extra cautious. It really is unnecessary, and if you need to translate stamps it's just a needless delay. There is no reason at all to believe that "photocopies of all valid and expired passports" (as it says in the guide) should mean copies of the stamp pages. When people have asked to make copies of my passport, they never photocopy every single page of the passport....the phrasing isn't really that confusing. A "copy of the passport" almost always means the bio page...and even if I agree with you that it's a bit vague, the checklist clarifies the matter.

    Not only that, CIC has never required the entire passport for as long as I can remember. They don't care about the stamps because they can be inaccurate and they can be forged. They check with CBSA, and if they're still suspicious, they'll ask for your record of movement from certain countries because that's a solid indicator of your movement as opposed to stamps.
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  12. If you renew PR they request every page. I applied for renewal last year so i know. But they were more specific. They actually wrote a copy of all pages of your passport for the PR card renewal
  13. Taxes required to file in my understanding is that you where forced by cra to file your tax.

    I wasn’t required by no one to file mine. So I checked no and yes I filed taxes on next column.
  14. i clicked all YES on those TAXIS REQUIRED boxes even though was never forced by CRA to file any taxis any year, what CIC will they do to me? Return application? Which i think will be very harsh and abuse of power!

    i tried to call them this morning 11 times to get clarification from CiC but no one picked.
  15. Calling them is a joke they just dont pick.

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