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***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***


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Feb 1, 2021
Hi @legalfalcon I applied for GCMS notes back in April again and got it today. My AOR FEB 2020 BC PNP - CEC file. on the last pages. below was the updated notes posted not sure what exactly it means. if you could clear it for me I shall be thankful.

"Reassessment has been granted. A new Medical activity needs to be created in order to reflect the new medical validity date. This is a permanent resident applicant whose file has been finalized and has been identified as a part of PR landing inventory for whose immigration medical examination (IME) is about to expire. in order to relieve pressures associated with COVID-19 the file is being reassessed.(6 months for designated countries and 1 year for non designated countries). should the applicant not land before the expiry of medical a new IME will be required. The IME was assessed as M1 or M3. "

Please clear what these notes states and what is happening with the file. i am inland applicant.

Hello, what is your current status in terms of the eligibility, security? On your GCMS notes, does your Medical still show "Passed - Expired"? I'm in the same situation where my medical was reassessed but the portal has not updated yet. I ordered notes but it will take a while to arrive.

Have you called IRCC and got to know that your medical was extended (as least from their end)? Thanks.