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  1. Some local PD's do it for free for their residents, so check that first. UPS will charge good money. Police department may ask for the form though, you can get it on Amazon for cheap.
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  2. Police station in Seattle area charges $5 for the first copy of fingerprints (digital), $1 for additional copies. They will provide the FD-258, no need to purchase from outside store.

    I personally feel digital copies are more reliable than ink ones, though I am not an expert in this area.

    Note: Additional copies are provided at the same time. You cannot go back later to collect them, and you will need a new set of fingerprints taken if you want new sets.
  3. I would personally prefer Police Station, primary reason is that the Police Officer usually stamps on the FD-258 card and when the FBI opens your case at least they know you went to the Police Station for your finger prints. So, it's my personal opinion that it may carry a little bit weight-age than other location. I am not denying that any other places they would not do it the way they are suppose to do it, it's just the chances of them questioning you in-case of anything going wrong is minimal.
  4. @sid8tive

    I am assuming u have mailed ur app to
    FBI via USPS Priority mail (where tge tracking just shows the time and datw of delivery, no signatures are captured).
    Did u manage to get ur application processed?

    I did sent my app via USPS priority mail...now FBI is unable to locate the package.
  5. are they processing Oct 2nd packages?Did anybody call FBI to confirm?
  6. Yes, that's correct. I uses USPS Priority Mail. I did get an ADR, so tracking information sans signatures is acceptable evidence. My PCC application however will only get processed next month (they're currently on 10/2, mine is 11/20).
  7. Yep, 10/2 is what I read in another thread.
  8. Hey i just inquired with FBI, they said that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the PCC to reach India, has anyone from India received PCC from USA? How long did it take from the day your card was charged? I'm really worried.. someone please help!
  9. can u ask them to send to a US address of your friend?And he/she can fedex your package which takes takes 2-3days?
  10. The thing is, its already mailed out to my Indian Address :(
  11. It does not take 2-3 weeks. Normally it takes 1 week. They just give a higher side estimate. In fact FBI will have no idea about mailing times.
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  12. Any idea what date they're on today?
  13. still on Oct2nd,i emailed fbi this morning
  14. Today they are processing 2nd Oct. and 3rd Oct.
  15. they have already started 3rd Oct.
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