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Express Entry Step by step instructions.


May 10, 2021
Hello all! Need some help/advice with WES verification:

I did a 3-year programme under SQA HND (Scottish Qualification Authority Higher National Diploma) top-up program, first two years in China (awarded a Higher Educational Diploma from SQA) and the final year in the UK (awarded a degree of bachelor of arts with honours 120 credits).

What's the right way to have these two certificates evaluated by WES? I put China in "country of education" for the SQA HND diploma, and it gets messy as it requires chinese authorities to provide verifications and translations, since neither certificate was issued by chinese institutions nor were they issued in Chinese language.

Welp, thanks a lot)


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Feb 20, 2020
Quick question, 2 year ago I got a job Noc B for a year then laidoff. Later, I got another job Noc D. Am I elegible for EE programs ? Thansk