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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

May 14, 2019
Hello Friends.

I have 2 queries ..

1 I got my WES report in sep 2014 and it is about to expire in sep 2019.Can anyone tel me the procedure to renew it.
2. I have created my profile in the month of april 2019 and again updated it on june 11 2019 .When we view our profile there is one option as " Have i been invited to apply at this time ".I have always seen the current date before june 11 . Now it is showing that " june 11 2019 ,you do not have an invitation to apply at this time" It is not showing the current date.Can anyone tel me that there is some issue or it remains like this only,


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Jun 6, 2019
Hi guys I've got a bit of a challenge, I'm submitting my documents but there's no part for me to upload my ielts.

I can only see the part for education (diplomas and degrees). Nothing for English test. How do I sort this out
You should scan your TRF together with other education documents, including ECA.


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Feb 28, 2019
Hi, if I am the main candidate to apply EE, do my spouse need to have ECA as well ?

I suppose to apply myself and then my husband not come with me.

Later, after I get PR, I will apply my husband and my son come with me. Is it ok?
You need to showcase the entire information for the Express Entry System. Be open in that to avoid any complications in future.


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Jun 14, 2019
I worked as a dentist in a small clinic.
It doesnt have an offical letter head.
We do have a good prescription with all the details mentioned. Name of the clinic address..phone number etc.
Is it okay if the employer issues my work experience on it ?


Jul 1, 2019
I own TCF SO +EE which allow me to study and work in France, I would like to know if this can be used to express entry knowing that it covers the four tests: listening, reading, speaking and writing. as in my country TCF Canada is not availibal.

Thanks & Regards


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Feb 28, 2019
Hello people,

Need your help/advice/suggestion.

is there a thread in this forum that someone can point me to, that will provide a step-by-step instructions of how to apply for Express Entry process(in order).
If here is no thread of that can, could someone who has in-depth understanding of the process, kindly create one and put it as sticky?

I am bit confused as to what would be the first step in applying for the EE and its corresponding steps.
Though website provide instructions to certain extent, i am not entirely convinced as i understand there is lot more required than what is mentioned on the website.

These instruction will be helpful not just to me but many aspirants who are seeking a lucid understanding of the process.

Thank you all for your time. :)
No need to get confused with the steps of Express Entry Program. Following are the steps:

  1. Initially have an eligibility check
  2. Then take up language ability test
  3. Creation of Express Entry Profile
  4. ECA completion
  5. Apply for Provincial Nomination (Permissive)
  6. Obtain Invitation to Apply
  7. Complete background check (Medical and Criminal Check)
  8. Application review
  9. If everything goes smooth, then PR status is issued to the person
Though immigration is a dynamic process, it may incur changes over the time. But at present, it stays as above pointers.


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May 30, 2018
Hi Team,

I have applied in EE FSW-O from India as single and my AOR is 18th May 19 and I have submitted my biometrics on 28th Jun 19.

Now I am planning to get married in a court in July 19 and add her as my dependent in my profile. Her ECA through WES is under process and IELTS wass given on 29th Jun 19.

I gotta know that I can update and add my dependent through a web form but I have few queries listed below:

1-Is it safe to add the dependent? Wont that affect my processing times or anything else? or should I go with spouse visa instead?

2-At what stage is it good to update the dependent details (after BIL or PPR)?

3-Do I need to update her address after marriage in the passport before adding her details in my profile?
if yes:
3.1- Her PCC request will require other docs as well like PAN card or Adhaar Card. so that would also contain her old address. Do I need to update those as well?
3.2-She has already applied for ECA from WES and IELTS with her old address details. Would that be an issue?

4-Are there any other docs apart from WES cert, IELTS, marriage cert, work experience docs and PCC that we need for the dependent?

5-Which application category to use to update the dependent details in webform?

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 23, 2019
Hi guys,

We received a medical surveillance undertaking on 18 June..
From what i know people generally receive this along with the visa
Has anyone out here gone through the same situation?


Feb 5, 2019
Hi all,

I will land in Toronto for the first time to become a PR and would need a passport, COPR and POF.

My question is: whether I would also need to show (physically) the documents I uploaded at the time of applying for express entry (ielts, WES, medical, reference letters and all) at the time of landing or later? Do I need to have all these documents with me and would I be asked for them?

Anyone who has been through the process and is currently a PR may please answer this question.



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Feb 3, 2018


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Apr 23, 2019
Hi, I am in work permit and have job offer in letter. As per CIC website, i don't need to show proof of funds. But when i create my profile, it is asking me to enter the amount (how much will i bring to canada)? if i dont need to show proof of funds, what should i mention in this field.
Dear it all depends on how many family members you have. As far as i know, i think one person =CAD $ 5300/year should be in your account . But do check cic website for this as it has all related information there.


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Apr 23, 2019
hello all. I am in a great fix. I received my ITA but i just realised that i have made a huge mess up. i need your guidance in the same.

I was working in the same organisation for 3 years but with different titles, but with same job responsibility. I joined as an officer, promoted to Assistant Manager. But while filling my ITA form, i somehow mentioned only Assistant Manager for whole 3 years. and now i just realised that something may be wrong with it. so my question is if i will change my work history now, will i get rejected ? will it come as misrepresentation of information ?

Please guys i need your help. kindly suggest.
I think let it be like that. And take the experience letter with the title which you mentioned in your profile. Because companies usually give you the experience letter with the last ttile held in company.


Aug 31, 2017
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if any of you could help with the following questions:

1. Pssports/Travel Documents (Multiple): I recently changed my passport and the new one doesn't have any stamps or my TRV, visas, etc. Should i include at least copies of my old passport or leave it as it specifically says provide a copy of the valid passport ?
2. Education (diplomas/degrees): Should i include my Ielts TRF here with my diploma ?
3. Proof of Means of Financial Support: If i'm applying under Canadian experience class i don't have to provide anything should i just write a letter explain that and upload ?
4. How accurate y location and travel history has to be? I've included all of them but the days could be off 1 or 2 days?

Appreciate your help and feedback.


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Feb 3, 2018

I & my wife have received the COPR yesterday. We are planning to land in Vancouver, BC at the end of July.

My question is:

1. How much time does it take to get the first PR card after initial landing in Canada?


This website says it's 14 days, is it authentic? As I have heard previously it used to take around 60 days. We are planning to stay there for 30 days, then my wife (main applicant) might have to travel back home for a month for some personal work. Do you think it is possible if one of us stays there to receive the cards if we don't get it by the first 30 days?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @hamgha , @WAT876 I have received suggestions from you before, would really appreciate if you can suggest this one. Thanks.