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Express Entry applicants from Brazil, connect here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by jorgecmb, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. ...

    You're lucky then! Hope it stays tat way for you ;-)
  2. Me too... hehe
  3. Here's hoping! My AOR was actually on jan 6th...BG @ "NA" ever since then :'(

    Our tickets are already bought and paid for though...Canada or bust! 8)
  4. Yet another one for the list!

    Nova Scotia nominee (PNP) - outland applicant as well

    AOR on december 18th 2016

    no ppr so far

    GCMS notes show my app is already at the SPVO, since january 10th 2017.
  5. Darn!!! Nothing personal just hoping you'd be behind me... hehehe

  6. UsernameAORCategoryProvinceInland/Outland PPR Date (Period)
    lbrambilla PPR20/jan/2016PNPSaskatchewanOutland24/Jan/2017 (1 year and 4 days)
    gpfjl PPR20/fev/2016PNPNova ScotiaOutland14/Oct/2016 (7 months and 25 days)
    ajanoni PPR17/mar/2016PNPSaskatchewanOutland29/Nov/2016 (8 months and 12 days)
    Gisademattos PPR22/mar/2016PNP (Paper based)ManitobaOutland24/Mar/2017 (1 year and 2 days)
    edilsonjr PPR29/mar/2016PNPOntarioOutland29/Nov/2016 (8 months)
    lpera PPR05/abr/2016PNPOntarioOutland29/Nov/2016 (7 months and 25 days)
    gsantosjr PPR24/aug/2016FSWAlbertaOutland13/Dez/2016 (3 months and 20 days)
    vitorfragoso PPR22/sep/2016CECOntarioInland13/Feb/2017 (4 months and 20 days)
    robsonmin PPR30/sep/2016PNPSaskatchewanOutland03/Mar/2017 (5 months and 3 days)
    nonnemacher PPR13/oct/2016PNPNova ScotiaInland16/Mar/2017 (5 months and 3 days)
    Skywalker_RT PPR18/oct/2016PNPNova ScotiaOutland13/Jan/2017 (2 months and 25 days)
    gibarino PPR13/nov/2016FSWBritish ColumbiaOutland23/Feb/2017 (3 months and 10 days)
    CNNC PPR13/nov/2016FSW Outland23/Feb/2017 (3 months and 10 days)
    emaildomw PPR22/nov/2016FSW Outland03/Feb/2017 (2 months 19 days)
    thiagoch25/nov/2016PNPNew BrunswickOutland
    p4022 PPR03/dec/2016FSW Outland23/Feb/2017 (2 months and 20 days)
    adrscuds18/dec/2016PNPNova ScotiaOutland
    GrinnBR06/jan/2017FSW Outland
    jreisg PPR15/jan/2017FSW Outland05/Apr/2017 (2 months and 20 days)
    Mantabodyboarder20/jan/2017PNPNew BrunswickOutland
    GuiBrazuca25/mar/2017PNPNova ScotiaOutland
    Welcome adrscuds... And the PNP list grows...
  7. Got my ITA on April 5th! Rio de Janeiro here... ;D
  8. Good for you! Get back to us with the information on the table once you get AOR so we can put you up there...
  9. A bit far away then. I'm moving to BC! :D
  10. Great to know! Really good detailed description! Thanks.
  11. Hi, all!
    I got my GCMS Notes :D
    I am not sure I understood it completely, but I'd like to share some info and doubts:

    First page, summary:
    - Primary Office: Centralized Intake Office
    - Secondary Office: CPC Ottawa
    => Does that mean my file has not yet been transferred to my LVO?

    - RPRF: complete
    - Criminality: Passed
    - Medical: Passed
    - Security: Not started

    Fast forward to the end of the document (165 pages later...), there is a note created on 16/feb/2017 that confirms medical passed, fee payment, language tests verified and then ends with: "...Documents set for review: education documents, proof of funds, police certificates".

    And the last note updated 01/mar/2017:
    - Label: EE Eligibility
    - Office: Centralized Intake Office
    - Text: "**AGENT REVIEW** POLICE CERTIFICATES R10 OK. All police certificates on application; following PC's NRT BRAZIL (validated on website). Criminality Decision Passed. EDUCATION DOCUMENTS ECA report verified on issuing agency website; foreign credential confirmed on ECA site. ECA Canadian Equivalency Summary reported by issuing agency as MASTERS DEGREE. Credential is consistent with level of education claimed by PA under EE Eligibility. SPOUSE'S EDUCATION ECA report verified; foreign credential confirmed on ECA site. Credential is consistent with level of education claimed by SP under EE Eligibility. AGE Applicant'a age reviewed and no change from ITA to e-APR."

    => So, I could say that I'm going through the R10 check? And it seems my Proof of Funds is still to be verified...

    I thought my application would be at LVO-Sao Paulo by now...but, oh well... I need a little bit more patience!! ::)

    Wishing patience to everyone!!!
  12. Thanks for your update. So, when did you order your GCMS notes and when were they issued? And where did you get them from? GCMSnow?

    Your notes seem very much like mine... R10 ok, criminality passed, but still pending A11.2 recommendation and file has not been transferred yet. Usually the file is transferred to LVO shortly after the analyst recommendation on A11.2.
  13. I ordered them via Visafile.info on March, 16th. They were generated March, 17th (date shown on footnote of the document), but I only received them on April 12th.
  14. How about your BC value? When did it go back to NA?

    I think you ordered them at a reasonable time, you should have seen the A11.2 recommendation... On my case the file was issued on Feb 13th and the R10 comment was on Feb 10th.. But in your case there was almost 2 weeks... Strange!

    I mean, don't worry, this is not bad... It just seems that they've slowed down quite a bit that's all!
  15. So, my BC was like this:
    BC: NS=>NN (02/mar/2017)
    After the new system update (07/mar/2017) - Eligibility in Progress and BG: NA

    Well, to maintain the sanity, I am convincing myself that I will hopefully receive the golden e-mail by July: it's the "worst case scenario" according to Myimmitracker and the 6 month mark. ???
    *fingers crossed*

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