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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Ellabear, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I have applied through arrima portal.Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hello all, I really appreciate this thread and I hope to get some help too. My question is, does knowing of friend of friends impact on their decision during application?
    Does ticking all provinces in Express entry affect the morden application?
  3. If you have friends or family living in Morden you have positive chances but at the same time you have connections to other provinces like family living in Ontario then most likely your application won't be selected
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  4. What is the verification process like when you know someone who has a friend in another province in canada?
  5. hi,
    how are you guys,
    any 1 is there who applied for Morden in last or this month
    please let me know what was reply from them you got it.
  6. Hi everyone!
    Prior submitting my application form to Morden, I would appreciate your help and if you could share your experience on a couple of points that I would like to make sure of:
    -is there any specific subject e-mail line there can be used to send the application form and the accompanying documents?
    -please any tips on what to include at "Why do you feel that Morden will meet your needs?"
    Many thanks!
  7. Hi Yubby,

    Did you receive any feedback from Morden after you informed them that you have your relatives in Ontario
  8. What about if we have a Family relative in Prince Edward Island.

    I am a Primary applicant, and submitted my documents to Morden on 15th Oct, Recd an email stating that they will get back to me by 1st December
    My husbands sister moved to Prince Edward Island on 22nd October as a dependent (her husband is the PA). Will it effect the application. as I never mentioned anything about my Sister In law moving to PEI
  9. Hi there,
    Disclosure - I did not immigrate through the Morden Strategic Initiative, so I can't provide any info about the actual process. Having said that, my sister in law lives there and my mother in law works there (lives in a town nearby), so if anyone has questions about the actual town and the region, etc. please feel free to tag me.
  10. Ya sure thanks valeria
  11. Hi, i just received an email for a skype interview. I would like to ask possible questions that ms. shelly will ask so i can prepare beforehand. Thank you.
  12. I would also like to seek your help, i just received an email from ms. shelly regarding my skype interview. can i ask some of the questions ao i can prepare beforehand. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  13. Can i also request it. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  14. Hi Jules,

    When did you apply and what is your noc? I have applied on 15th October and have still not heard from them.
  15. Shelly will only ask very casual questions like your educational back ground ( if you do ECA, then she will ask you to send the report to her), work experience ( NOC), your family ( Wife and kids), how many yrs you're living in the current country and if your IELTS is still valid ( she will also ask a copy of it). she is very friendly so don't stress out.
    Just make sure that you talk slowly in a sense that she can understand what you are saying.
    All the best.
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