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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Ellabear, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Hi All! This forum are for those who applied in MoRden especially in the year 2016. Please share your timeline and experiences regarding exploratory visit. Please share also any information regarding morden immigration. Thank you!
  2. Anyone applied in Morden for 2016? Thanks!
  3. Hi ellabear,

    Did you receive any message fro Morden already?
  4. We cant apply untill our jobcode is in demand list...
  5. Where can I find some more information regarding Morden and this initiative to apply to the program?
  6. Hi edonotilla, yes we already applied and we are scheduled for a skype interview this friday.

    Druce try to google morden immigration
  7. wow, congrats ellabear! where are you from?
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  8. Im from Philippines. how bout you?
  9. can anyone post any link for Modern 2016?
  10. thats great news Ellabear and all the best for the Skype interview. Were you selected on the job list basis or because you met the minimum criteria.
  11. www.mordenimmigration.com
  12. We just made sure that we will meet the requirements.

    Settlement Fund
    Occupation---- please check morden immigration website as to what job/occupation they need.
  13. Hi Ellabear

    How did you fill out the application form? Did you send copies of bank statement and scanned passport? Good luck with your interview! Keep us updated ;)
  14. Hello BruceNolan! we downloaded the form online. We just fill it out with the necessary information. Application form is more on personal information. Yes we also sent copies of bank statement and scanned passport of me and my husband. Will do! :)
  15. Thank you Ellabear,
    but there is very little information about the in-demand occupations?

    Is it that many occupations only which are listed on the website?

    Can anyone share the complete list of eligible NOCs/occupations for modern immigration?
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