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English school for new Immigrants in Montreal

Discussion in 'Education' started by jappa, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. So true that it is a family decision. Thank you for your candid advice.

  2. Hi

    The first thing we need to understand if you come here with working visas or as immigrants?

    We're here with working visa, so we are eligible to send kids to English Schools which is 50% English and 50% French.
    We've sent them to French school for the first 6 months, then we decided to switch them to English schools.

    I'd say kids learn Languages fast just like a sponge, to us is all about the child's health mentally/ psychologically, not academically. So it depends on your focus.

    If you enter Quebec as immigrants, you could only apply for English schools if:
    1) You or your family or the kid's sibling have attended English schools in Canada,
    2) You are on working visa
    3) The child has been coded/certificated by medical practices that he or she is unable to attend a French school.

    I do have some friends here apply for English school while seeking the move to other provinces after landing here or just keep extending their visa to obtain the eligibility.
  3. Hi littleblackdrezz,

    Thank you for your detailed reply. We are coming as PR and i know the eligibility cert restriction to send kids to English schools

    Obviously, we are not eligible to get that certificate and my choices are French public schools (learning French + adapt to new environment at the same time is a challenge) or English private schools (financial burden).

    I understand thru some search that English private schools are not many in place and the tuition are high. Which one did you choose (can PM me) or do you have some for me to take a look?
    Currently, I checked on College Prep International and Kuper.

    Moving to other province may be the last resort if the school matters can't be arranged smoothly.

    Thank you again!
  4. So we first moved to Alberta, Calgary in March, and our oldest kid (7) went to 2nd grade for 3 months here, in English.
    If we move to Montreal, would we be able to apply to study in English based on those 3 months of English education?
    Life has been so crazy the past few years, i would prefer if he does not need to go through yet another hurdle at this time anyway.
  5. The only way your oldest child will be able to study in an English language school is if you enroll him/her in private school and are willing to pay the tuition fees. For public school - your child will be required to attend a French language school.
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  6. :) Got it. Well, new adventures then i suppose!
  7. You have a good attitude about it. I feel people should be able to chose their children's language of education - but unfortunately that's not the reality in that province.

    Might be challenging for your kid at the beginning - but in the long run, learning another language is always a good thing.
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  8. I agree with the post above, learning another language is a good thing.
    I also think it depends on the kids as well.
    My kids seem to learn French in English school faster than French school itself. I think the 50/50 (bilingual) helps their transition in here than 100% French.

    But again, there's no right or wrong, and no 100% perfect solution either.
    I can suggest you check with the English school board first, they might be able to help you for your case (since your child has attended other English schools in Canada), especially they are losing students and budget due to Quebec cut out the budget and invest more in French school boards. It makes English school boards accept students easier.

    Good Luck
  9. Thanks! Yeah, we could also pass the pitch that we don't plan to stay there and previously did reside in another province, however short our stay was (4-5 months), so maybe we can at least apply for the 'temporary' option.
    Another language is certainly advantage, but for the first 1.5 years of school he was struggling with Hindi (in India), our household language is English, and I just wanted to give him a little bit of a break and ease him into the process rather than throw him in the deep end of the pool yet again.
    Finding a qualified job here in Calgary has been a struggle and so we are looking outside and at the moment Montreal has become a pretty real option.
    Either way, we are lucky kids are still small and surely can catch up if needed to whatever the situation will be. We don't mind putting him a grade back either if that was in his best interests.
  10. Many immigrants would have put their children in English schooling if they immigrated to Quebec. Quebec wants to ensure that French remains the dominant language and that their new work force can speak French. I went to French immersion in elementary school and switched to purely French for high school and saw how weak the French immersion education system really is. Was easily able to attend university in English and spoke primarily English at home. Most kids are able to manage learning new languages. I have seen a huge switch in 20 years in the SW Ontario and the GTA. Most parents wanted English only education and now there is a lot of competition to get into French immersion. Being bilingual has only been an advantage and it has opened a lot of doors for me. If looking to work in the federal government it is a requirement for most jobs.

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