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English school for new Immigrants in Montreal

Discussion in 'Education' started by jappa, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. we plan to move to Quebec as new immigrants and looking for English schools for 6+ age child, also concerned about the expenses
  2. Hello there. did you find one?
  3. May I hope that following link will be helpful in your quest, please :
  4. Thanks! I visited the website and to be able to register, you should present a Certificate of Eligibility. To apply for that I sent an email to the email address given and here's the reply. "Unfortunately, as permanent residents your children will have to go to French school in Quebec, due to the language law by the government. You can contact them at www.csdm.qc.ca."

    I wish to understand, for English speaking expats (PR card holder who migrated in Montreal), which school did your children attended their Elementary class? in Private? how much it would cost? please share your experiences.. Thanks in advance.

  5. One guy advised me to send to semi private school ( English ) for one year, after one year of study on semi private school they can choose public school. According to him, Quebec law permitting if the child study one year in English school, then they are eligible to continue with that.
  6. Its depends on ones affordability and choice but the attraction for most in Canada is the fabulous education and health system. The private education is pretty expensive but "expensive" is a comparative term - whats expensive for me might not be for you or vice versa.

    My kids - with zero prior knowledge of French - are going to the French School and doing good there. It will be even easy for the elementary school kid.
  7. I may move as Work Permit holder. Some one advised me that my child can go to English public school and study in english medium unitil I receive PR. French will still be a second language. Is this true? If my child goes to public school (may be through emsb) do i have to pay any tution fee. I am confused because on one hand people say there is no fee in public school on the other hand emsb website shows a big fee of 10,000CAD for international students.
    Can anyone provide guidance on this?
  8. I'm glad I found this forum!
    We (a family of four) are in similar situation! We're moving to Montreal around Dec/Jan. Since my husband's American, I'm from Hong Kong our dominant language would be English. We are looking for a family friendly neighbourhood and English public schools for the kids. Now we are very confused with the education system in Quebec, we aren't sure if my husband is English eligible to get the Cert. of Eligibility or we'll have ot put the kids to private school OR we need to pay public schools as international students.
  9. If you're coming to Quebec as a work permit holder, you can send your child to an English school. You will be asked to file an application but you can already look for schools near your place of residence. Also, there's no tuition fee. I think there's some fee, around $20 more or less.
  10. Now My husband and I are very confused with the system there.
    We have a friend from Montreal and she told us different things.
    Per her,"For schools, Montreal does have English public schools, but in order to qualify for access both parents must have been educated in English in Quebec. So, for you, public (French). To have English, you’d have to go private. "
  11. The point is to keep the French language predominant in Quebec. For immigrants who often come from a background speaking neither French nor English at home it makes sure the kids are placed in French schools.

  12. This is correct. If you don't want to pay for your child's education and want your child to go to public school - it has to be French. If you are willing to pay for private school - it can be English.
  13. Hi i am from HK too, did you sort out the school stuff ? I am pretty confuse. I am newly immigrated then i have no choices to send them to English school (if don't want to pay for expensive tuition fees) right ? It have to be French public school. When you said French public school then mean all the way everything is French ? or they still have English language class ?
  14. Hey ya!
    Yeah we have (for now), we are currently on working visa so our kids are able to attend English public school, however, if we apply for PR 2 years later, our kids must attend French public schools unless :
    1. We send them to private schools (which we don't want to since we have just got outta private school system and bills in Hong Kong)
    2. If the kids are certified and coded by Doctor saying they have certain condition that they could only learn in English environment.
    So my husband and I sent our kids to French public for now, it's better to start young. Our older kid is in French welcome class and the younger one will start by July.

    Hey, let's stay in touch

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