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English school for new Immigrants in Montreal

Discussion in 'Education' started by jappa, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Funny because there is so much competition to get children into French immersion in the rest of Canada. Parents camp out before registration in some cities. The children will also learn English at school or at home. In order to work for the Canadian federal government you usually have to be able to speak English and French. In general being bilingual can only benefit you. I studied in French then went to univeristy in English. Kids can pick up languages easily. The rule was created because immigrants were only putting their kids into English school. In order to make sure French remained the primary language of Quebec they decided to make new immigrants register their children in French school. I find most Quebec students usually speak better English than the rest of Canada speaks French. Especially in Eastern Quebec.
  2. Thanks. I understand now.

    For kids primary school arrangement, is this based on your which area you live then they will assign a school for you ? or you can have your own choices ?
  3. Generally based on the where you live. You can have your own choices subject to availability. This is also called cross catchment.
  4. So can you help me out ? If i am a planning to land then when i should do the school arrangement for my kids ? After i landed or before i land i can arrange it from my home country ? Also, what is the timing i should do this ? (which months)
  5. As an new immigrant, I don't think you can do it from HK. You can, however, contact the school board what time should you do it. In BC, we do it before or in the school year.
  6. OK thanks for answer.
  7. You need to have proof of your address to arrange schooling becausw it is based on location. If you are going to a public school you must arrange it when you show up. If you are attending a private school you should make arrangements in advance. Kidergarten registration usuly starts un February for families who are already in the area but otherwise people register when they move to the area/Canada. They have to accept your child to a local school.
  8. Hello,

    My older one will be 12 if we immigrate to Quebec next year. He will start secondary school. Anybody here has experience with kids in secondary school and who were not in a French-speaking school before going to Quebec? How did they cope? Thanks
  9. Children pick up languages pretty quickly. There are many immigrants that come in without speaking French so the school system knows how to integrate those students. The teachers and other classmates will almost all or all know English so your child can always ask in English if it is important like feeling sick or needing to use the washroom. Would suggest you start listening to some youtube videos in French to start learning some basic phrases and get used to hearing French. The first year may be tough but you will see a huge difference halfway through the school year and by the end of the year will likely be fully integrated. Its important to make sure French is practiced outside school. Doing activities out of school where you practice your French is important (just playing or doing sports while speaking French) as well as listening to French at home through radio, tv, computer, sports, audio books, etc. You will be very jealous of your children because learning a language as an adult is much harder!
  10. Thanks for your answer. Actually, we speak French at home. So it's OK on the oral level. I'm just wondering how hard it will be for him to start as a beginner in written French. Will he be able to catch up?
    When we started the whole process of immigrating to Quebec, we thought we will be able to do it before he starts secondary school. But the processing time has increased so much both for CSQ and PR.
  11. If your family already speaks French learning written French will be much easier. Kids are resilient.
  12. hihi, i am a HKer and is likely to move to Montreal next year with my kids. I am checking on schools in Montreal at the moment.
    Could you share more on how kids with zero knowledge on French are doing in French public schools? Besides French class, are other subjects taught in French? If so, how kids can pick up the class?

    My kids are teenagers and I worry that their integration to new school life are more difficult than the young kids.

    Thank you!
  13. Yes every subject is taught in French.
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    In this case, will secondary school students be more difficult to follow the class? Or I should enrol my kids to private English schools (don't have the cert of eligibility).

    I'm really struggled on this. Appreciate advice or guidance! Thank you!
  15. Many kids have started French school in high school. They will likely go to a French transition class. This is really a family decision. You know your children best and whether they are fast learners and good at languages. You know also whether your finances can afford multiple years of English private school.

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