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eMedical enabled CIC Panel physicians

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Andy2109, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Update of my situation:
    It took 3 months + for the ECAS to update for my eMedical report. Apparently there is a glitch in the system, and it randomly picks some unfortunate individuals. So if you are doing eMedical, just be aware similar situation may happen. If ECAS does not get updated as medical received after 1 month of the medical report sent (considering your medical really sent the report), contact the medical and request them to contact CIC that they have received your report. I still believe the possiblity for happening such thing is very low... but still there are some unfortunate individuals like me.
  2. Dos anyone has an experience with the followig doctor?
    She does e-medicals.

    Dr Elizabeth Chiu Clinic
    Suite 306, 701 Sheppard Avenue East
    Toronto M2K 2Z3
    Telephone: +1 416 497 9797
    Fax: +1 416 497 9787

  4. Edmonton

    Medical and Radiology Clinic – Electronic Health Processing
    Dr Dominic M Leung Clinic
    211, 9509-156 Street
    Edmonton T5P 4J5
    Telephone: +1 780 483 3253
    Fax: +1 780 483 3212
    Dr Dominic Leung
  5. Just wanted to share with everyone that e medicals are really super fast...
    We did our medical on Monday July 8th and the doctor says they have sent the results to cic yesterday July 9th. We got an email from CIC that they have received my husband and my daughters medical result but not mine.Doctor said he has sent all three of them together....Hope cic finds mine too..
  6. Hi - I went to emedical enabled Doctor today in Missisauga and they said that they need some IMI number for E-medical.
    As I have done upfront Medicals I don't have any such number except my Clinet ID and File Number.

    They have suggested me to go for paper Medical. I go for it and done.

    They didn't gave me any confirmation that its done or has been sent to CIC ...

    How I can communicate to CPP - O , That I have done my medical upfront.

    Pls. suggest
  7. Does any one done their medicals/ e-medicals in Saskatooon?? Please share your exp and how much they charge etc.
    I really need that info for my medicals!!
  8. Too bad :(.
    Seems there is no one from Saskatoon or done their medicals in Saskatoon.
  9. I just confirmed with Dr. Cheema in Surrey, BC.
    >> http://www.drcheema.ca/
    This doctor is an eMed enabled physician. Prices are reasonable too, I guess.

    7170 120 Street,
    Surrey, BC V3W 3M8‎
    Telephone: (604)597-1233
  10. Downtown Vancouver (sorry for re-post):
    Dr. W. P. Ciszak Medical Services Inc.
    460-1144 Burrard Street
    Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2A5
    Website: immigrationmedical.ca

    Now $290 maybe is pricey, but if you compare to non-eMedical cash only $275 at Dr. Cheryl Anderson's office on West 8th Ave, it's not a bad deal.
  11. I just redone my medicals including the chest x ray. I went all the way to Kitchener because all physicians in Toronto refused to conduct the x ray because of my pregnancy. Now I did everything and feel great. I was protected with an abdominal shield. my dependants will do their own back home on Wednesday and another waiting game commence. :p
  12. hey ujbaby...did you visit Dr.Violet in Kitchener?
  13. yeah, that's the lovely Chinese lady that attended to me. she is smart and a sweetheart :). did u do yours with her?? how long did it take to get CIC???
  14. send you a PM
  15. Hi!

    Do they ask for the BC Care Card?
    I just found out that my employer forgot to renew it.

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