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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. I think they want to just confirm that you were working with certification of uae government. You must be having a uae ministry of labor contract from your country. It is as good as labor card. Just get the copies notarised.
    As for no objection certificate. ... no idea..... expert pls shed come light.
  2. I mean company not country
  3. HI,

    Did anyone who lived in Saudi in past got a request to submit a PCC from Saudi Arabia ??

    But according to Saudi law one can only get a PCC if they are presently residing or a resident of Saudi, its even mentioned on the CIC Website.

    What can be done in this regard ?? Please guide

  4. Guys!

    While applying for the UAE PCC, does anyone faced the "The service is not available. Please try again later. 5" error on the Dubai police web site.


    Kindly advice for the workaround and alternatives.

  5. If you want to apply for PCC in Abu Dhabi, forget website...jst go to Shabiya police station near Dusi Thani Hotel and Embassy area, on Sadaa Street, and follow below steps:

    1. Take ur passport/emirates id copy and original id also
    2. Get the token at the reception and wait for your turn
    3. Pay AED 56 via credit/debit card (cash not acceptable) and submit ur documents
    4. u will get a receipt and next day u can send some one or go by yourself to collect the PCC in arabic
    5. u can either got it translated in english from a legal translator or get an english PCC from CID office near Khalifa Park

    Hope it helps...
  6. Thanks Fahad for your reply.

    In-fact I'm residing in Dubai and planning to visit Dubai Police HQ tomorrow morning.


  8. Hi everyone,

    I have not been in touch with this forum for a while so just wanted to share a bit of news with all you.....

    Alhamdulillah by the grace of Almighty ALLAH and prayers and support of my family, i have received my passport with PR visa along with COPR.

    My journey took almost a year. Like most of you, i was also in an uncertain situation after receiving PER. Finally, on 28th January 2015, i received an email requesting to appear for an interview at CHC Abu Dhabi. Just like the majority of applicants, i was somewhat afraid to be honest but i kept praying and preparing for the interview. One thing which kept me positive was the self belief that if i could somehow clear the interview, my process will move from cramped queue to the fast lane and this is exactly what happened.

    My interview was held on 22nd March 2015 during which the visa officer told me that i can expect to receive MR in the next 2 weeks but guess what, i received RPRF + Passport Bio pages request on 26th March 2015 and received MR on 27th March 2015. Following is my complete timeline from which some of you can hopefully draw some inspiration:

    Application received at CIO: 16th May 2014
    Fee Encashed Date: 26th Aug 2014
    PER: 05th Sep 2014
    Interview Email: 28th Jan 2015
    Interview Held: 22nd Mar 2015
    RPRF +PP Bio pages Req: 26th Mar 2015
    MR: 27th Mar 2015
    MR Done: 14th Apr 2015
    Passport Req: 27th Apr 2015
    Passport Submission at VAC: 29th Apr 2015
    Passport Collected: 07th May 2015

    In case any of you want to know my detailed interview experience, visit the following link:


    All those who have received interview requests should consider themselves lucky as this presents you a great opportunity to speed up your case so be motivated and make use of this opportunity. To the rest of the applicants, just hang in there, in sha ALLAH all your dreams will come true.
  9. Guys!

    I visited Dubai Police HQ's CID office today morning at 8:30, the guy sitting on the reception checked my documents and issued a token. There were around 5-6 people ahead to me. The whole process took around 20-25 mins, and they told me to come back on Sunday for the PCC collection.

    Carried Passport Copy Bio page and Visa page, original Emirates Id, and 210 AED (i paid via credit card).


  10. Guys!!!

    I have received MR email from LVO for myself and family. But as per the trend I am seeing here most of them receive RPRF, Updated Form, PCC and MR request together. Did anyone experience this before? and what should I expect next?

    My Timeline are as follows:

    Cat Code: 0111
    App Rcvd: 18-Jun-2014
    PER Rcvd: 16-Oct-2014
    MR Rcvd: 11-May-2015
  11. Hello there,

    Need some help,

    I sent my PCC in the first week of march which I received from the Indian Embassy Dubai. I first applied the local Dubai PCC and submitted that along with my passport and got the Indian PCC .

    Later I received the medical request, and I completed that and sent the documents and now my status shows as Medicals received.

    Meanwhile, yesterday I got an email from CIC asking me to submit the PCC from United Arab Emirates.
    I have just pasted what I received from them below.

    ' Police Certificate: From each country/state where the residence period
    has been six months or longer since the age of 18, provide an original police clearance
    certificate from * UNITED ARAB EMIRATES *
     This must be received at this office by: 2015/06/11 '

    So I received the PCC in Dec from Dubai police but that was via Email. I uploaded a Copy of that PCC in the Case Specific Enquiry. along with all the other details.

    Now is that Enough or do I have to send a courier to them with the same documents? bec iam sure iam not going to receive any reply from them within the given time.

    Please advice
  12. Please note that PCC has to be in original and Dubai Police always provides originals and not
    by Email. At least I have not heard so far that Dubai Police providing PCC by email.

    Anyways to avoid wasting time, I would suggest apply for new one and courier the originals
    to Canadian Embassy asap.

    All the best & God bless!!

  13. Hi,

    Dubai police provides electronic copy of PCC if you request through online and it is valid for 3 months and it can be checked online for validation. You have to request online and go for any nearer police station with Emirates ID for verification and you will get in your inbox within 24 hours ( I took this last year)

    If you request through headquarter, then you will get hard copy which is has i believe six months validity and it takes 2-3 days (I took this 4 years back)

  14. Dear friends,
    I have recieved the email from CIC asking for medicals and PCC. Glad to have reached this stage after many months.

    I have 2 small clarifications. Don't want to sound like a Bimbo but I am quite confused. Hope the knowledgable forum members can guide me.

    1. The email says "Please send a copy of all pages of the valid passport(s) for yourself and your accompanying family members by mail, courier or e-mail"

    I have 3 passports (1 current and 2 older ones) Should I send copy of all these 3 passports. The reason I am confused is the use of the word 'valid' (only my current ppt is valid) and the word 'passport(s)'. Does that mean I should send copies of even my old passports

    2. The email asks me to send a PCC from India. Since I now live in the Middle East the fastest way is to get this from the Indian embassy. But I had already done this and included it when I submitted the application.

    Is for some reason the PCC from Indian embassy not acceptable? Does it need to be attested anywhere?
    The reason I am confused is I had included both Indian PCC and PCC from Qatar (where I currently live) in my application. CIC has only asked me to give Indian PCC. So maybe I did something wrong in the Indian PCC I submitted last time.

    Can anyone help me...

    Thanks a ton,

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