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"DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Hi all from Dubai,

    It's high time that we start our 'own thread', like others are doing here !!!

    I request all to post your timlines here and get connected. Firstly, it will sail us thru on this long agonising waiting period. Secondly, thru networking we can help each other on info sharing and act as morale boosters. Thirdly, we'll expand our 'Friends-Circle', both here as well as post landing.

    Quite a few of us, in Dubai, are already in touch with each other. Some are thru, some just applied, while some are waiting for our PPRs. Let's expand the network... what do you say buddies ?

    Warm regards.
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  2. Welcome Sam...
  3. Hi qorax,

    It's a good approach to share the timeline especially for those who are applying from Dubai. Please tell your NOC.

    I would like to ask one question to those who are in the field of finance. Is it worth to do MBA in finance from Canada if anybody is looking for a job in the field of finance in Canada.

    Please respond to my query.
  4. Hi sunny...

    Firstly, welcome to this thread !

    Abt ur query, let me tell u that any qual u do 'in Canada' will hold u good in Canada. Albeit elsewhere too... but for Canada, it is a must. Now, financ guys here r in good demand. That said, do not be over-enthu that we'll get a post of our liking imdt. We'll need to slog-it-out first, in 'below-the-exp' tasks. But, we mustn't get dillusional, as eventually we'll succeed. There is a beautiful post by 'josh' in this forum, read it.

    Hope that helps.

    Warm regards.
  5. Hi Qorax,

    This is bharath, sorry i cudn reply to your reply to my msg on the other forum. Seems that there is some problem, doesn accept my password and it happens all the time. Nevermind, thanks for the update. Well its really a gud idea to share, coz as we all are not aware what exactly is happening with our application back in canada or CIC london. Well, did u apply directly or through a consultant?


  6. Hi bharat...

    Good to see u here, my trackitt friend !
    And welcome !!!

    Yes, Networking is the forte of this Millennium and we better do it for good... 'coz most of our info, awareness & street-smartness would come thru our inter-relationship. Besides, our friend-circle shall always be there to render a shoulder, when we really need it, no ?

    Yes, I'm thru a consultant, the one from Chd with offices 'worldwide'... I guess u got it.

  7. Hi,

    thats true. Chd = Chandigarh. I would also like to know, in the CIC website it says that if i send an email, they will consider that as the medium for any future correspondance. However, I have applied through a consultant, do you think that's gonna be a problem?
  8. Bharat,

    emails r pretty harmless. No delay, no negativity. There is nothing wrong it showing one's concerns with one's case progress and future welfare, isn't it ?

    I have sent emails twice, post meds, and have got replies too within 2-4 days. And all the replies were +ve.

    U r right with Chd...

  9. Hi,

    can you share that email address, i will write to them and follow up. Coz I am worried about the delays from the Royal mail and moreover my official address for any communication is the Consultant's Head Quarters in Toronto. So definetly, there will be delays between my consultant in Toronto - Dubai - to me.
  10. Bharat:
  11. I guess the invitation also extends to abu dhabi residents...wht do u say...qorax...peace
  12. Hi sifarsen,

    Entirely my fault, I wrote Dubai by ovesight, it should've been UAE. I'm sorry buddy...

    Yes, u r most welcome. Tell us more abt u, my friend.

    Warm regards.
  13. I am also from Abu Dhabi and still waiting for my medicals request :(
    My timeline is below.
  14. Hi Trinatocanada,

    Looks like we all are sailing in the same boat. Did u apply through a consultant



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