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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Hi There,

    It is very clear that they are asking for your current valid passport hence you should send only
    copies of current valid passport but if you are still in doubt then send all the passports copies
    and if they don't need it they will simply throw it in the bin, right !!

    Indian PCC is normally valid for 3 months (I assume but not sure) hence they might be asking
    new one which is valid hence I believe you should get a new one and send it asap.

    All the best & God bless!!!

  2. Hi,
    I have submitted my passport at abudhabi visa office for PR visa stamping on the 20th of April 2015. Havent heard from them since then. How long does it usually take to get the passport back?
  3. check your online status?
    usually it took 2 weeks within UAE but if KSA then it may take more time.
  4. The online status just says that the decision has been made and the office will contact you. They have already contacted me and asked me to submit my passport. But no news after that.
  5. The online status just says that the decision has been made and the office will contact you. They have already contacted me and asked me to submit my passport. But no news after that.
  6. Hey Lionel, What is your timeline ?
  7. Hey Bro, I received my request for passort submission on the 10th of April and passport was submitted on the 20th of April. Still waiting for the receipt of my passport. No sure whom to follow up with?
  8. Dear All,
    I live in Qatar and have sent my passport for Permanent Visa stamping to Abu Dhabi through Aramex and it reached at their office on 3rd May 2015. Still waiting for their reply.Now its been more than 15 working days. Don't know what they are doing with it.

    Any idea guys that when will i get the passport back. :(
  9. Aoa every one...

    Thanks to ALLAH Almighty...HE is the only hope...

    Today I got my PPR+UPDATED INFO CHART REQUEST for each family member from LVO...

    I have a query guys...please advise me seniors...

    I am in Abu Dhabi and my family is in Pakistan. It is clearly written in the PPR email that I need to submit my passport in Abu Dhabi and my family passport in Pakistan...but when i read the letter it is written that "all documents for you and your accompanying family members must be submitted together in one package"

    Plus the updated info chart requires details of principal applicant and accompanying family members...

    1. How is it possible to submit all documents in one package in my situation

    2. Do I need to include details of all family members in information chart of each family member...because our passports are being submitted in different countries...

    Experienced advise please...
  10. how much time VAC in Abu Dhabi take for stamping and returning the passports after submission?
  11. Hey guys m working at abu dhabi received medicals on 13 April but due to emergency I had to request lvo to increase my time frame and they were kind enough to do that . When can possibly get my tlu and I sent docs on 22nd May 2015
  12. Hey guys,

    Some of you may have read this already on other threads - I got my PPR on 21st May. Hurrah! :p

    Now to send the passport to Abu Dhabi for stamping!

    Aramex told me this morning that return of passports is not allowed via return airway bill, they can only send it across. Aramex apparently stopped the service two months ago.

    Is it okay to use DHL?
  13. Hi Any one willing to share shipping to Canada , i want to ship two / three bags , and would like to share shipping cost.
  14. Regarding PP return service, please reconfirm from other ARAMEX store and Website of both ARAMEX and CIC
    My passports were returned by CiC via ARAMEX to Dubai on 28-Apr.
  15. Guys a quick question..what's a C4 size envelope?

    I'm planning to send my passport to the Canadian embassy in AUH today. Intend to send a self-addressed envelope.

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