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Do original transcripts have to be sealed?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by belleshoe, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    For the NBPNP program one of the requirements is to ask the university to send in original transcripts in a sealed envelope to NBPNP. Do we really need to seal these documents or can we send the original copy that we have? I am confused here, please advice.

    Also, which group or which forums should we join in order to get latest updates about the cap fill information? I see many people say that they got to know the EOIs will be accepted on so and so date, so where do we get this information from?

  2. Hi

    Only WES or another ECA institution will ask you to send sealed transcripts to them. Not any PNP programs. NBPNP however does require you to send them a duplicate copy of your ECA report directly to them.

    EOIs are accepted by different provincial programs on different criteria. For example, for NBPNP, if you have relatives in NB or work in NB or have high TEF scores AND work in a high demand occupation, then you can send your EOI anytime. However, they only open temporarily for people who have attended info sessions at specific times. The last time they did that was on 1 May 2018.

    So you have to keep checking the provincial websites to see when they are open for submission of EOIs. Join the threads in the Provincial Nomination Forum that are discussing the specific provinces you are interested in e.g. Ontario or Manitoba or whichever.

    Hope this helps you.
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  3. Hi, Thanks alot. This information is useful. Also, do we need to get colored photocopies when applying after getting an invite? Or would black and white copies do?
  4. Colored copies of your passport pages, but everything else can be black and white
  5. Hi,

    I just noticed this, does that mean that i have to wait until it opens again? Do we get an automated response or something if that is the case?
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  6. Yes I suggest you should wait for that.

    You can send an EOI if you want but there are chances it can get rejected if it doesnt fulfill the criteria. Some people got lucky sending an EOI and it being accepted, some didnt. It is up to you.

    Usually they send an automated reply with general information. You will have to wait btween 45-60 days to find out if they have accepted your EOI and will give you an ITA. Several people have said that you can submit an EOI after 60 days if you have not had any reply until then.
  7. @NzKhn: For the NOC ITA documents, i read that we have to send an ECA original. So then we simply tell WES to send it over? Or do we have to send the original copy with other documents?
  8. Hi @belleshoe

    You can order a duplicate copy from WES to be sent to the PNP directly from WES. In the document checklist they tell you to do so.

    You can include a photocopy of your ECA document with your application when you send it, but the original duplicate copy has to be sent from WES directly.
  9. Thank you for the information. Also, for PR and PNP ITA, the documents are almost the same? So what copies or which documents are common in both of them? Also, are salary slips compulsory?
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    Most of the documents are the same. The main differences are that for PR you will also upload medical results and PCCs which you don't have to provide for PNP application. Also, CIC PR application is completely online. And if I remember correctly, everything has to be under 4MB. From the end of July, CIC also requires biometrics starting from July 31st.

    Salary slips are not compulsory but are usually provided as additional, supporting documents to Work reference letters and bank balance statements. Salary slips are only compulsory if you are a self-employed person.
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  11. HI @NzKhn . Thanks a lot. Also, I was curious. Is it necessary to get the medical report from the place we would have sent all the documents? Or any country is okay? Also, for WES sending out a mail to "immigration@gnb.ca", what is the process? Will WES send the mail directly to this mail address or will they charge for this?
  12. I think any country is ok AS LONG AS you use the CIC designated medical practitioner/center.

    The procedure for WES is:

    Log in to your WES account.
    Choose Order Duplicate copy
    Choose "Government of New Brunswick" as your receipient
    Pay the fee - duplicate copy is 37 CAD I think

    Once you pay the fee the copy will be sent from WES to NB within a day or two.
  13. @NzKhn Thanks once again. That's sounds easy.

    Some more doubts:
    1. What does dependents refer to? I would like to understand both cases of married and single.
    2. If applying under labour market stream, i was going through the main form for nbpnp, it asks us to tick mark employer support or family support. Then what should be selected?
    3. There is a place of photo submission, and it says all family members - whom does this include? I would like to understand both cases of married and single.

  14. Hi @belleshoe

    1. Dependents include:
    • your spouse or common-law partner
    • your dependent child
    • your spouse or common-law partner’s dependent child
    • a dependent child of a dependent child
    The family members that can’t come with you include:
    • your parents
    • grandparents
    • brother or sister
    • uncle or aunt
    • nephew or niece
    • other relatives
    Your dependents can’t arrive in Canada before you. They must arrive with you or after you. You may be able to sponsor them after you immigrate to Canada.

    2. Do you mean on the document checklist? If you do not have a job offer or family in NB, then you do not have to fill in these forms or that section in the checklist. I simply marked both check boxes for these 2 sections with an X.

    3. Photo submission is for everyone included in your application. If you are single, that means only you. If you are married, that means your spouse, and any children you may have, even if they are not coming with you at that time. See Point 1 answer as to who can be included in your application for PR.
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    Hi, @NzKhn: all clear. I have some new questions :)

    1. One of the form says, list all addresses you have lived, does this refer to places of visit or we just need to mention those places we have lived long time?
    2. What to enter in intended stay in New Brunswick?
    3. Previous Immigration Applications -> what does this refer to? The places we might have visited on tourist visa?

    These two are the questions that stand out most. I will post in more questions when i have them ready.

    Thanks alot for the help.

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