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December 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by kunalsingla1991, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. December 28, AOR.

    I just got a request to fill Additional Family Information IMM 5406.. Anyone understands why it is asked by them???
  2. CEC Inland?
  3. You're not in the Dallas area are you?
  4. Hello

    Please do call CIC ask the details on Criminal, security, eligibility status. Please do not check online guess they are not updating much sometimes it can be in IP1 but Visa officer changes all these details late also. Also depending on which Visa office too.
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  5. Hi everyone, my aor is dec 10, my status changed to ip2 from ip1 on march 27, and there was an ghost update on april 3, is that a good sign? How many ghost updates should i expect before ppr? It's gonna be 120 days tomorrow from my aor.
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  6. Let me know if you are located at bay area
  7. Congrats. Hope u don’t mind sharing your timeline
  8. Why can't I add my signature? Are there any requirements?
  9. Our dates are very similar. 116 days for me. IP2 on March 27.
    How do you identify a ghost update?
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  10. Oh that's good, when I logged in i saw a "profile updated" instead of "submitted" status. Upon checking my profile there was no change, and the status returned to submitted. I'm a bit anxious about this ghost update, don't really know what's happening with my profile. My last update with cic was through cse, and i found out my file is already in our local visa office.
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  11. Ah Ok. Will be on the lookout for that.
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  12. Very encorraging signs there but if u want more precise information, you can call ircc, at least thats what @USProgrammer did after he received he's last ghost update befre PPR. Ad they told him everything was done in he's case. It i likely same will apply to you but to be at least 99% sure, call in.
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  13. Pl

    You can put a call through to them to inform that you got a ghost update and enquire about your application generally, so as to be sure PPR has not been sent already. If it hasn't been sent then you can expect it soon.
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  14. Thanks, I called our local visa office, but they were no help. I might order gcms notes after 2 weeks if there is no update.
  15. Thanks, I'll try to call them again, i hope they can give me some information now.

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