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December 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by kunalsingla1991, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Starting a thread for those who have AOR in November 2018 - please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.
  2. Submitted AOR on 1st Dec 2018...waiting for status update
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  3. Any Whatsapp group for Dec 2018 AOR?
  4. Yes,there is..
    Yes there is
  5. Good luck :D
  6. December 1st aor here
  7. Hi,
    I received ITA on 14 Nov and I am planning to submit my e-apr in a week ,I have a concern regarding "proof of relationship " .

    During filing application for expression of interest , I had mentioned that I have an aunt (father's sister )who lives in Canada and is a Canadian citizen.

    But I am currently not able to obtain relevant documents to prove my relationship with her, can I exclude the claim of relationship in e-apr phase and mention the reason in LOI?

    I am still scoring the qualification points under FSW program after removing the claim of relationship and my CRS remains unaffected.

    Please suggest..if I can proceed with current application

    Thanks in advance
  8. Got ITA on 15th November...submitted all documents on 20th Nov....invited under Canadian experience class ...
    Waiting for status update ...
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  9. Yes, you can mention in LoE that you want to withdraw it from your application and don't want to get any points. Since you still qualify under FSW, there is no need to worry. Good luck.
  10. AOR Dec 1... for MEP we will first receive e-mail from cic or have to open our account daily
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  11. 4th December AOR here.. Good luck everyone
  12. We will receive an email but in any case we are going to check our account daily :p
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  13. Nice to know u got ITA ! Mate
  14. Thank you :)
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