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December 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by kunalsingla1991, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. I would just call right back. You probably won't get the same person. Some of them are just dicks. They don't understand what it's like to be in our position, and they DO have info we don't have.
  2. Thanks! I’ll try again one more time today!
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  3. Nigeria./ Nigeria.file processed at Ottawa. Visas issued at ACCRA. Principal+4 dep
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    I called again and got through to a really nice agent this time! Sadly nothing has been started on my application yet, but at least it isn't any bad news!

    EDIT: and my application is in Ottawa apparently
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  5. I have a new doubt abt my application. We did get our ITA and AOR being 3rd dec.. only Mep and nothing else has moved. Is age an issue while processing the files? We both are 30+ does this impact the processing time??
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    Just called to IRCC. Application status didn't change much. The agent was nice, "Your application is still in 6 months range, but I can definitely check it for you". Result: "Med pass, Criminality pass, We need little bit more time for Eligibility, and Security check is in process".

    This time I asked about the processing office and it is still in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
  7. Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, and all the valuable info especially Derkdsou and USprogrammer. This long wait feels less lonely by reading your posts.

    And congrats to all who got their PPRs already!

    I finally learned that my CPC is Ottawa and eligibility still ongoing (AOR 19 Dec). How is Ottawa as Processing Center? Saw that mostly Nigerian and US applicants are the ones who get their files processed fast from there.

    And Vasi 84: don't think age is discriminatory. I'm 35+, so have many documents in my file. Maybe this is the reason it's taking much more time than other applicants?

    And immitk: from what you said, does it mean that eligibility, criminality and security are processed simultaneously? I thought it was completed one after the other.
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  8. Ottawa is my processing center as well.. i read that they are one of the slowest centers... young people, people with kids are getting through faster is what i am hearing... but i guess all we need to do is wait... phew
  9. Hey Guys,

    Just a further update, I got my COPR after around 8 days I submitted my PPs to VFS Delhi. And my Application status was also changed to approved on the CIC account.

    I again pray and wish good luck to all the fellow friends waiting for the PPR(COPR).


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  10. I am not 100% sure but the agent said both Eligibility and Security check in process. I read somewhere that now they do simultaneously.

  11. Do all Indian citizens applying from the US transfer to Montreal once in the entire processing cycle?
  12. Ircc Agent yesterday said everything is passed i saw my last ghost update thats suppose to be 2nd but m not sure it was third or second was 28 feb 2018 i dont know why i dint get ppr yet
    Cec in aor14 dec mep 25 jan! Anybody have any idea whats going on
  13. Refer my signature, same timeline, no update since MEP. Age has nothing to do with the processing time. Me and my spouse both are 30+.
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  14. Yes. I have downloaded it separately.
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  15. Mostly depends on the number of dependents. I can see you have added a child @raysflavor
    More dependents => early processing
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